Supporting our Cadets

We truly understand the difficulties presented to the cadets, not just as a consequence of the withdrawal of airline offers of employment, but more widely amongst all of our cadets who have been affected by the immediate impact COVID-19 is having on the aviation industry as a whole.

We continue to work with both the regulators and airlines to deliver the best possible outcome for our cadets in these circumstances.

Cadets whose employment offers have been withdrawn have the option of completing their courses and receiving a licence upon completion of that training for no additional costs. We have also received confirmation from easyJet that they will offer cadets places in their cadet graduate pool on completion of their training on the condition that they are active on a recurrency training programme.

To achieve this and ensure that our cadets have the best opportunity to secure employment as the industry recovers while keeping their licence and skills current, we are offering cadets the opportunity to join a recurrency programme.

The Current and Airline Ready programme has been developed with airline involvement to support cadets throughout this period of uncertainty so they are ready to embark on their career as a professional pilot which will help maximise their chances of employment when airline’s recommence recruitment.

These are extremely difficult times for the entire aviation industry and we continue to support the cadets affected to achieve their goal.