The L3 Florida Airline Academy fleet.

FAA fleet

Our fleet of aircraft is one of the largest flight school fleets in Central Florida. It includes five types of aircraft and four types of training device.

Ground training

At the U.S. Academy, ground school is intertwined with flight training. Cadets will go to ground school to learn certain skills and once proficient, they will get to apply the information they just learned in the aircraft. This process repeats for each stage of schooling, from Private Pilot, to Instrument Rating, all the way to our Flight Instructor courses.

FAA ground school training
Aircraft fleet

Our fleet consists of 80+ airplanes with a combination of single and multi-engine with steam and all glass, Garmin G1000 cockpits. The aircraft we utilize include the Cessna 172, Cirrus SR20, Piper PA28, Piper PA44, and Diamond DA42. This wide variation allows cadets to learn on a range of platforms and spend more time in an aircraft.

In-flight training