Classroom-based and simulator training.

FAA Ground school training

The ground school training facilities for our FAA cadets based at our Florida Airline Academy in Sanford.

FAA ground school facilities

Ground school training in the United States happens within the Academic Building of our Florida Academy.

We have eight multimedia-equipped classrooms of various sizes where full-time academic instructors teach classes.

Our Academic Building includes a Learning Resource Center (LCR) which is open every day of the school week and a Certified Flight Instructor is available during normal business hours to advise our cadets. It is designed for individual group studying, student tutoring, and viewing of DVD training materials. Additional resources such as books, magazines, and aircraft parts are available. There is also a Study Hall available to students wishing to study in a quiet environment.

The Academy administers the FAA Airman Knowledge Test for all courses offered at the school. For this there is a Testing Center consisting of 10 computerized testing stations and a proctor station.

Training facilities
Study facilities:
  • Learning Resource Center (LRC)
  • Study hall
  • Sky Shop
Flight Training Devices:
  • 2 - Single-Engine Advanced Aviation Training Devices
  • 1 - Multi-Engine Advanced Aviation Training Device
  • 1 - Single/Multi-Engine Advanced Aviation Training Device
  • 3 - Single-Engine Flight Training Devices
  • 1 - Multi-Engine Flight Training Device
Student activities:
  • Trips to local beaches
  • Sporting events and competitions
  • Evening activities such as movies or dinner
  • Historical, educational and cultural events
  • Trips to local theme parks including Disney, Universal and SeaWorld
  • Local aviation shows