Funding for pilot training to those who qualify in the United States.

How much does pilot training cost?

A big concern for some potential aviation students is 'How much does pilot school cost?' Our Professional Pilot Program is designed to prepare you for a career as a Commercial Pilot and an estimate of the cost of pilot training in the United States can be seen below.

Professional Pilot Program Price
Tuition (estimated)$79,995
Application fee$150
Books & supplies (estimated)$3,518
Electronic training materials (mandatory for all students)$1,482
Room & board$16,350
TSA AFSP Application (Non-U.S. citizens)$390 ($130 each for 3 courses)
TSA Fingerprinting (Non-U.S. citizens)$99 (one time)
ID badge (mandatory)$50 annnual

All prices are estimates and based on the Training Course Outline (TCO) hours it takes a cadet to go through the various programs. All prices are subject to change. Each cadet's experience may vary and hours or costs may be different than what is quoted here. Prices include fuel and flight tests (unless student pilot fails the exam, then additional flight test charges will apply). Prices do not include fuel surcharge, over-flight charges from TCO, admission fees, books, supplies, TSA processing, visa application fees, and extensions.

Funding your pilot training

There are many ways to raise the funding for pilot training. L3 offers a variety of financial aid options in the form of scholarships, Title IV funding, or private loans. There could also be the option to obtain funding via PNC Bank


L3's flight training scholarships – United States. Scholarships in aviation are the most sought after types of financial aid for students who qualify.

Scholarships do not have to be paid back and are not always based on financial need.

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Federal Funding: Financial Aid

We offer Title IV financial aid which can cover up to 100% of the cost of flight training to those that qualify. We also offer private and state loans which are independent of L3 Airline Academy.

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Wells Fargo Collegiate® student loan

This may help you pay for the costs associated with your professional and commercial flight training program.

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Home equity loans and lines

Find out how you can leverage your home's equity to fund your pilot training.

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Lending information and assistance

Each student's financial circumstances are unique.

Lisa Wills, Mortgage Loan Officer, is able to advise on funding solutions for student pilots.

Visit or call her on +1 720-841-0114 for more information.

Personal loans and lines of credit

A personal loan or line of credit (subject to approval) could provide you access to the money you need for you or your child to commence pilot training with L3 Airline Academy.

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Other creative funding solutions

PNC provides other creative funding solutions to qualified borrowers such as:

  • Line of credit against managed assets – (financial disclosure options available including no tax returns or underwriting – subject to approval)
  • Equity cash out financing on jets and airplanes

Call: +1 720-841-0114 to discuss your funding solutions.