L3 Pilot Pathways Women Aviators Scholarship.

L3 Pilot Pathways Women Aviators Scholarship

Here at L3 we are committed to creating a more inclusive and diverse future for the flight deck and our new scholarships for female pilots could help you to be part of it.

Two aspiring female pilots will be offered up to $25,000 with a further eight being awarded up to $12,500. Our amazing scholarships for female pilots will be awarded throughout 2019 and aim to take you from cadet to co-pilot!

The L3 Pilot Pathways Women Aviators Scholarship is open to all female U.S citizens and female U.S. permanent residents who successfully enroll onto the Professional Pilot Program. This female pilot Scholarship is part of the L3 pilot pathways initiative which is a broader commitment to improving the accessibility of training to aspiring pilots from all backgrounds.

For full entry criteria and more information around our pilot training courses please see the Downloads, FAQ’s, and Terms and Conditions below.

Female U.K. & European residents could be eligible for the L3 Pilot Pathways Female Scholarship which can be found here.


To apply for the scholarship simply click the apply now button displayed on the page, this will open an email. In the body of the email please include your first and last name, contact number and that you are interested in the L3 Pilot Pathways Women Aviators Scholarship. Once you have sent this email one of our admissions team will get in touch with you and walk you through the application process.

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Terms & conditions

1) Applicants must have applied as a new student to L3 CTS Airline Academy.

2) Applicant must be self-sponsored and not sponsored by any airline/university/etc.

3) Applicants must have completed financial aid requirements or confirmed cash payments. (Cash payment plan still requires $10K prior to starting and $6K per month until balance is paid).

4) Funds from any L3 CTS Airline Academy Scholarship may only be used towards the total cost of education in the Airline Pilot Track (APT) or Professional Pilot Program (PPP).

5) Scholarship is posted to the students account upon successful completion of the Commercial Single-Engine Rating. Recipients must graduate from the APT or PPP program in order to remain eligible.

6) For students receiving financial aid: If the scholarship award creates an over-award (any award that exceeds your total cost of education) a refund will be issued to the lender to reduce your financial aid award.

7) The decision to award the scholarship shall be made by L3 and L3’s decision shall be final. If you are not successful L3 may keep your application on file and suggest alternative programs that you may be eligible for.

8) The scholarship is nontransferable.

9) The scholarship is forfeited if student withdraws from the program.

10) Students cannot be awarded more than one L3 CTS Airline Academy Scholarship.

11) Financial aid (which includes a scholarship) is only available for those who qualify.