Information surrounding 'Brexit'

‘Brexit’ has caused uncertainty to a number of organizations that operate within the UK and EU. We operate Airline Academy sites within the UK and Europe under EASA as Approved Training Organizations. We have made it our mission to ensure we are prepared for any Brexit outcome, working to minimize any potential disruption regardless of the outcome of the negotiations between the UK and EU.

Ongoing discussions are taking place between ourselves, EASA and relevant National Authorities to ensure that we can continue training all L3 cadets to gain the certifications they require in the unlikely event the UK leaves the EU on 30 March 2019 without a transitional agreement in place.

We have initiated a plan that ensures all our existing training approvals across the ATO will remain approved by both EASA and the UK CAA from 30th March onwards, regardless of the ‘Brexit’ outcome. This ensures that any training completed with L3 before and after 30 March 2019 towards the issue of an EU Part FCL License or a UK CAA License will remain valid. The training content of the relevant course, either EASA or UK CAA approved, remains the same.

Some of the changes being actioned to prepare the organization, should no transitional arrangement be agreed, include -

  • L3 Instructors and examiners holding UK CAA Licenses are obtaining additional certifications enabling both UK and EASA approved training and examining to be conducted.
  • Cadets assigned to an EU airline will train towards the issue of the relevant member state license.
  • Training will continue under UK CAA approval for the issue of a UK CAA license for those cadets joining or wishing to join UK airlines.
  • Cadets not yet assigned to an airline who require an EU license will complete ATPL exams under Irish Aviation Authority oversight towards the issue of an IAA license. The IAA is not affected by the outcome of the UK / EU negotiations and will remain under EASA oversight.

Please note that this is for guidance only and is subject to change at any point as developments concerning Brexit continue to evolve.