Pilot training capacity across the industry

The global aviation industry is currently experiencing unprecedented growth. Estimated revenue for the global commercial airline industry is expected to grow 10% in 2018 compared to 2017. We’re also seeing an increase in the number of new aircraft joining the global fleet, with an increase of more than 10,500 expected over the next five years.

Airlines across the globe are growing at a rate rarely seen before.

For those wishing to join the industry as pilots, this is fantastic news. Opportunities to progress from training with a reputable pilot training provider, such as L3, into employment with a commercial airline have never been stronger.

The current demand for pilots has meant that airlines are attracting and actively recruiting instructors from around the world. In particular, they are looking for quality, experienced instructors, such as those employed by L3.  As a result, the industry is experiencing not only a pilot shortage, but also a global instructor shortage.

Matching the demand for pilot training with capacity has therefore become an industry challenge. Regrettably, as a consequence, it is currently not always possible to deliver the courses within the expected course duration. Those starting on their pilot training journey should be aware it is likely to take longer to complete their training than it would have in previous years.

We will not compromise our standards and lower our requirements for instructors or future cadets to meet these market demands.

We have been working extremely hard over recent months to recruit and train more instructors. Within 2018, more than 100 new flight instructors have joined our Academies across the globe. We continue to offer excellent packages to attract and retain a talented instructor workforce. We are also leading the way in the industry, offering sponsored instructor opportunities as well as flexible recruitment packages to secure our future pipeline of instructors.

We strongly believe that only by passing knowledge and expertise to the next generation will the industry continue to thrive.