Tailored courses on your airline's procedures and operating areas.

Operator conversion

Bespoke training

We can deliver the Operator Conversion Courses (OCC) to comply with your Operations Manual Part D to familiarize previously type-rated pilots with your airline’s procedures and operating areas. According to your requirements, this can include a technical refresher with emphasis on your designated areas of operation, followed by simulator details and checks as appropriate.

Course location:

Training Centers in Southampton and London Gatwick, U.K.

Course duration:

Conversion are usually short courses, these can vary depending on the option you choose. For further details and availability, please contact our Customer Business Team at enquiries.ctcaviation@L3T.com

Cross Crew Qualification (CCQ)

The A320-A330 Cross Crew Qualification (CCQ) has been designed to train and assess the trainee in all items required for the initial issue of an EASA A330 Type Rating with IR and PBN privileges where the trainee already has relevant A320 experience. Our course is 10 days (5 Ground School and 5 Full Flight Simulator sessions) and depending on the customer operator’s requirements, the course can include ZFTT and the operators LV qualification and / or OPC.

Pre-Entry Requirements

• All trainees will be assessed before entry to our approved A320-A330 CCQ course
• All trainees must be in possession of either of an EASA pilot’s licence or an appropriately validated foreign licence
• All trainees must be qualified and current on the A320.

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