EASA Approved TRE/SFE Standardization Course.

TRE standardization course

L3Harris is one of the few organizations to have been approved by the U.K. Civil Aviation Authority to conduct Type Rating Examiner courses on its behalf.

L3Harris is also the only UK ATO to have a TRE Standardisation course approved by the Irish Aviation Authority.

About the course

This course has achieved a world-renowned status in preparing airline instructors for examining duties on behalf of the regulatory authority. Candidates entering this course must satisfy all the training and experience requirements of the appropriate regulatory authority including possession of a current and valid TRI/SFI rating at course commencement.

Course location:

Southampton and London, U.K.

Course content:

This course is generic to all aircraft types and focuses on the practical and ethical differences between instructing and examining. It involves practical exercises and scenarios in a simulated environment to enable the TRE/SFE candidate to apply general principles of planning the test scenarios and examining in either a simulator or an aircraft. For these practical exercises, L3Harris uses either the A320 or B737 full flight simulators. A formal test on the final day assesses that the correct proficiency standard has been achieved to progress the candidate through to the later Examiner Assessment of Competence (EAoC) that may be required by your Regulator.

Course location and dates



20th Jan 2020
17th Feb 2020
16th Mar 2020
13th Apr 2020
11th May 2020
15th Jun 2020
13th Jul 2020
10th Aug 2020
14th Sept 2020
19th Oct 2020
9th Nov 2020

Course footprint

  • Ground school

    Ground school


  • Full Flight Simulator

    Full Flight Simulator


    hours (3 x 4-hour sessions)