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A320 Type rating

Our A320 Type Rating Program has been built from the ground up by experts in flight training with one single mission: To provide the best type rating training in the world.

Program information

The A320 Type Rating Program encompasses all aspects of Multi-crew Coordination (MCC) and Jet Orientation Training (JOT). This program allows students to become fully proficient, PIC Type-Rated Pilots on an A320 Aircraft. The training technology used for this program includes Aircraft Systems General Operational Subjects Courseware (CBT), Virtual Flight Deck (VFD), Flat Panel Trainer (FPT), and Full Flight Simulator (FFS).

Program Information:

  • A320 Type Rating Program, 14 CFR, FAA Part 142 Approved Training Center
  • Distance Learning
    • Aircraft Systems
    • General Operations Subjects
    • Distance Learning Review Validation*
  • Procedures Training
    • Systems Procedures Integration
    • Procedures-based Flight Instruction
  • Flight Training
    • Advanced Maneuvers Training
    • Line-oriented Flight Training (LOFT)
    • Oral Exam
    • Practical Flight Test (Checkride)

*Administered upon arrival prior to start of 'on-site' training

We leverage technology in all phases of our training program. Our thorough approach to training coursework takes no shortcuts. Our focus is on creating a more meaningful learning experience in the most cost-effective manner to achieve a greater rate of success for pilots.

Our A320 Type Rating Program was designed by a skilled team of airline training experts and has been evaluated in-depth by the FAA to ensure a quality training experience.

How do we accomplish this? We employ only the best in the business. Our team has extensive airline experience, training management experience, and curriculum development expertise.

Combined with a dedication to student advocacy and support, we know you will be impressed with our ability to deliver quality education.

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Enrollment Requirements
  1. Pilot Certificate
    U.S. FAA CPL/IR/MEL certificate or foreign-issued ATP certificate or meet requirements for original issuance of U.S. FAA ATP certificate
  2. Total Flight Time
    Varies based on student qualifications and course configuration
  3. Flight Time Recency
    25 hours within previous 12 months
  4. Total Hours in Multi-Crew Aircraft
    Varies based on student qualification and course configuration
  5. Currency
    Instrument currency per 14 CFR Part 61.57 (c)(1)
  6. Skill Requirements
    Flight skills commensurate with ATP Practical Test Standards

Pre-course preparation

For knowledge preparation in advance of on-site training, each student receives a USB drive containing the L3Harris developed Aircraft Systems and General Subjects courseware (PC-based). Our unique courseware provides relevant and structured learning materials with self-paced instruction, demonstrations, self-assessment, practice scenarios, and remediation. Course progress is recorded through the L3Harris Learning Management System (LMS).

Built using our high-fidelity simulation, the graphically rich and engaging course content matches the configuration of the Virtual Flight Deck, Flat Panel Trainer, and Full Flight Simulator – delivering a common platform for better preparation and training.

Training technology

Virtual Flight Deck (VFD)

In addition to the courseware, the USB drive contains our Virtual Flight Deck (VFD) technology (PC-based). The VFD is a high-fidelity simulation of the aircraft systems with a fully interactive flight deck. This tool provides real-time interaction with every system in a free-play training environment.

Master systems by observing synoptic pages and active system schematics. Practice phase-of-flight procedures as well as non-normal and emergency scenarios.

Flat Panel Trainer (FPT)

The L3Harris Flat Panel Trainer (FPT) is used for instructor-led systems and procedures integration training and procedures-based flight instruction. The FPT provides students with a graphical representation of the flight deck including simulation of aircraft systems. The device is used as a ground and flight procedures trainer under normal and non-normal conditions.

Training with the Flat Panel Trainer is effective when used for familiarization, systems, and procedures training prior to full flight simulator sessions. The extensive use of instructor-led time in the FPT is one of the major elements that contributes to the success of each student.

Full Flight Simulator (FFS)

The flight training portion of the curriculum includes advanced maneuvers training and Line-Oriented Flight Training (LOFT) accomplished in the Full Flight Simulator.