A center of excellence for airlines seeking pilot training as well as providing ab initio training for cadets.


This purpose-built training center is one of the largest in Europe and completely dedicated to the training of airline pilots. The center currently houses a range of resources utilized by airlines and trainees from around the world.

This location contains 3 x Airbus A320 Full Flight Simulators, 1 x Boeing 737 Model 300 Fixed-Base Flight Simulator and 1 x Boeing 737 Model 700 Fixed-Base Flight Simulator.

Our suite of 16 training rooms is equipped to support both WBT/CBT (Web and Computer-Based Training) and traditional instructor-led courses from ATPL theory through to examiner standardization. Additionally, the CAA has approved this facility as an ATPL Theoretical Knowledge examination center.

Airline Training and Airline Academy

130 Mauretania Road, Southampton, Hampshire, SO16 0YS, UK.

Phone: +44 (0)2380 737 567

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Our Southampton training center is designed to provide training excellence in relaxed surroundings. There is a restaurant on site, allowing trainees to take time to dine and socialize with one another. There are also self-study zones for those looking to learn and revise.