Understanding your airline pilot resourcing needs – assessing, selecting and recruiting the best.

Selection and resourcing

We provide a comprehensive assessment, selection and recruitment service of both aspiring and experienced airline pilots for airlines worldwide.

We provide:
  1. Selection and provision of our own cadet airline pilots
  2. Recruitment and selection services for our Airline Partner-sponsored airline pilot career programs
  3. Services to customer airlines for the recruitment of experienced airline pilots – First Officers, Captains and Training Captains.

Our selection services are completed by a dedicated full-time team delivering aptitude testing, interviews, group exercises and flight simulator test preparation. We have the capacity to manage over 20,000 pilot applications annually for the various training programs and career opportunities on offer.

Our team and the selection tools we use are fully mobile and customizable; we can deliver pilot selection services anywhere in the world according to customer requirements.

Our airline selection and resourcing team is qualified and experienced in all aspects of skills assessment and selection, including:

  • Psychometric analysis
  • Aptitude assessment
  • Psychomotor testing
  • Non-technical skills evaluation
  • Team skills evaluation
  • Interviewing to assess motivation and suitability
  • Aircraft handling skills assessments (simulator-based). We can offer our own well-established processes and latest-generation selection tools, or we can tailor solutions to meet the specific needs of your airline. A complete solution can also be provided to airline managers who seek to outsource their entire airline pilot recruitment process.

We can also support the assessment, selection and resourcing of:

  • Aspiring cadet pilots and newly-qualified graduate pilots
  • Co-pilots
  • Captains – including base and line trainers
  • Synthetic flight instructors (SFI)
  • Type rating instructors (TRI)
  • Type rating examiners (TRE)
  • Management personnel
  • Pilot selection and resourcing
Airline-specific cadet programs

If you are considering launching an airline pilot career program, let our years of expertise in this area help you develop a solution that is truly unique to your airline.

In 2003, we launched our flagship Integrated ATPL airline pilot career program, through which we have selected and trained thousands of new pilots for airlines worldwide, and we work with many airlines to create bespoke programs unique to them.

Qualified pilot selection

We provide selection services to airlines for pilots of all experience levels. Our team of experienced assessors can screen applications using our own web-based tool.

We offer bespoke aptitude and psychometric testing, team skills exercises, interview boards and simulator skills assessments according to both your needs and applicant experience levels.