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ADS-B/1090, Mode S and Air Transport Data Link-capable transponders are playing an increasingly important role in the implementation of next-generation ADS-B airspace around the world. Whether panel- or remote-mounted, L3Harris offers advanced, highly accurate transponder systems for civil, commercial and military aircraft and helicopters.

Air Transport/Airline/Regional , Business Jet , General Aviation , Military / ADS-B NextGen Surveillance , Transponders

Ready today to meet tomorrow’s NextGen mandates L3Harris' NXT-600/-700/-800™ Mode S Transponders are ready to provide civil, commercial and military aircraft and helicopter manufacturers and owners with all the capabilities they need to operate safely and efficiently in NextGen Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast (ADS-B) airspace. Optimized for NextGen operations, the NXT family of transponders enables pilots to take advantage of more efficient routing, while increasing airspace capacity, situational awareness and overall operational safety. • NextGen ADS-B-compliant • Elementary and Enhanced Mode S surveillance-compliant • Function validity verification through simple built-in test and self-test capabilities • Compatible with all ARINC 735B/735A/735 TCAS II systems, including ACSS TCAS 3000SP™, TCAS 2000™, T2CAS™ and T3CAS™ • Meets all civil, commercial and military aircraft and rotorcraft requirements with two form factor options for slide-in replacement of current XS-950 (4 MCU), RCZ-852 and 1/4 ATR Short

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