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Lightning Detection

L3Harris' Stormscope® has been the aviation industry’s number one real-time, active, airborne lightning detection system. By showing pilots where strikes are happening right now, it enables them to plan routes that avoid not only the lightning, but also the turbulence, heavy precipitation and hail that often accompany active storm cells.

Air Transport/Airline/Regional , General Aviation , Business Jet , Military / Lightning Detection

The fastest, most reliable instrument to track lightning Weather threats happen fast, but Stormscope systems are just as fast. Stormscope quickly and accurately provides real-time, flight-critical information about lightning and associated weather hazards such as turbulence and wind shear. Stormscope is unique in its ability to detect electrical activity as a storm builds, so it can show pilots which areas to avoid. For pilots who already have data link weather, the addition of a Stormscope system provides the complete weather picture as its happening.

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