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Collision Avoidance/TCAS

From our certified T3CAS ® system to today’s sophisticated collision systems for commercial and military aircraft and helicopters, L3Harris remains the recognized leader in the development of these life-saving systems.

General Aviation , Military , Business Jet / ADS-B NextGen Surveillance , Collision Avoidance/TCAS , Terrain Awareness , Transponders

Simple, affordable and highly flexible solutions for general aviation and helicopters. Our patented Lynx family of ADS-B transponders goes well beyond the capabilities of a typical system by offering an array of new-generation features and capabilities. Unlike other ADS-B solutions, the Lynx has a full-color split touchscreen where pilots can see their ADS-B traffic on the left and then weather, terrain, and active traffic on the right side. With a simple swipe of the finger, pilots can easily scroll through a variety of screens, including weather and traffic from the FAA (FIS-B & TIS-B) in real-time. FIS-B weather data includes METARs, AIRMETs, SIGMETs, and NEXRAD, and is displayed on a moving map showing their ownship position. Additionally, if pilots are equipped with a Stormscope WX-500, they can also display lightning with the Lynx unit.

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