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Satellite Communications

L3Harris' proven Satellite Communications products provide safe, reliable and affordable connectivity to meet and exceed the demands of Automated Flight Information Reporting System (AFIRS) and Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast (ADS-B) needs in the 21st century. Included in this category are the AFIRS™ 228 Automated Flight Information & Reporting System, and the ADS-B/1090 transponder.

AFIRS™ 228
Military / Satellite Communications
AFIRS™ 228

Effective, accurate and secure global pilot communications. The AFIRS 228 provides global communications between pilot and air traffic control (ATC), aeronautical operation control (AOC) and airline administrative control (AAC) using the Iridium® high-fidelity satellite network is known for global connectivity, including across oceans and desolate regions. This SATCOM solution uses the standard cockpit controls from the audio control panel and the MCDU with a second modem dedicated to safety datalink services using standard ACARS and FANS message sets. The AFIRS 228 includes telecom functions integrated into the cockpit audio system, as well as through the conventional telephony devices. AFIRS 228 Key Features: • MCDU priority voice dialing • Integrated cockpit audio • Long-range FANS & CPDLC • Sole-source line-fit solution on Airbus A220, A320 and A330 • System level certification by Airbus for datalink applications including CPDLC safety services and safety voice certification for FANS over Iridium • FMS/ATSU and transmission are completed through ATC networks via ARINC/SITA • Low profile passive antenna reduces drag and provides better fuel efficiency

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