Heading display is available through an existing digital heading source, or an optional low cost and compact MAG-500 magnetometer.

Options are available for the display of navigation data.

The EFD-750 utilizes an installer programmed data configuration module that stores all aircraft and interface data.


Maximum 2.75 lb./1.25 kg


ARINC 429 Inputs (5), ARINC 429 Output (1), RS-485 Serial Input (interfaces with MAG-500)(1), RS-232 Serial, Analog Input (OAT) (1), Discrete Output (1), Dimming Bus (1), I2C interface to the DCM-750 (1)


14 or 28 VDC electrical systems (10-32 VDC)


VOR/ILS or GPS Navigation or both


C106, C113a, C201, C209


EASA accepted in accordance with FAA-EASA Technical Implementation Procedures (TIP) Rev 5 (paragraph 2.5.1 ‘TSO/ETSO Articles Accepted under Reciprocal Acceptance’). No ETSO marking on the Articles are required.


DO-178C and DO-254 - Design Assurance Level A

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