Series 4 Data Transfer Units

Versatile, interchangeable data, easily transportable

The lightweight, compact DZUS-mount Series 4 DTS unit features multiple removable 1 TB SATA flash disks that can be easily transported and used interchangeably with any other Targa Series 4 NAS System. In addition to loading/retrieving data, Series 4 NAS DTU servers allow any network device to access the mission, map, and maintenance data on removable solid-state flash Data Transfer Devices (DTDs). The standard Series 4 NAS DTU comes with one or two DTDs for a maximum capacity of 2 TB. Each compact DTD weighs only 500 grams, is small enough to fit in a shirt pocket, and built to withstand extremes in temperature, shock and vibration.

Optional ‘Data at Rest’ encryption

The compact, self-contained system supports “Data at Rest” encryption via an optional on-chip encryption accelerator supporting 128/192/256 bit AES encryption. Additional features include a sophisticated key management scheme as well as the ability to have multiple independent encryption partitions per disk.

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Product support

Phone: +1 (613) 727-9876


Phone: +1 (613) 727-9876

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