SRVIVR25™ Series
SRVIVR25™ Series


  • SRVIVR25 Series of Recorders

      This new line of recorders is the first 25-hour+ CVR recorder solution scheduled for certification for both Boeing and Airbus platforms in  2019 and 2020. The SRVIVR25 series provides at least 25 hours of audio (CVR) and datalink recording for each of the four audio input channels while also offering a higher fidelity recording using an omnidirectional microphones (SO58/DM) and improved immunity against vibration and RF interface. The SRVIVR25 also provides over 50 hours of flight data (FDR) recording duration.

      The entire series meets EU2015/2338 mandate requiring 25-hours of cockpit voice recording capability on new aircraft with Maximum Certified Take-off Mass (MTCOM) of more than 27,000kg. Additionally, the SRVIVR25 platform are designed to support future enhancements to accommodate IP video or other data-intensive functions, real-time data streaming and ability to host the trigger mechanism for Global Aircraft in Distress System Solution (GADSS) distress tracking (GADSS) connected to other aircraft devices, additional discrete input and output ports and data transfer through digital communication buses.

      The SRVIVR25 will also incorporate a new 90 day Underwater Locator Beacons (ULB) delivering the first environmentally friendly solution. The new beacons remove the Class 9 Hazardous Material Classification and meets the FAA special conditions non-rechargeable Lithium batteries reducing special handling, packaging, labeling, and shipping requirements.

  • SRVIVR25 Fixed and Deployable Solution (CVDR, RUI, ADFR)

      The SRVIVR25 line offers the first Fixed and Deployable Recorder Solution (FDRS) exclusively available on the A350. L3’s first combined Cockpit Voice & Data Recorder (CVDR) and Automatic Deployable Flight Recorder (ADFR) solution is a significant step for civil aviation history. The deployable ADFRs are designed and manufactured by DRS Technologies Canada. This solution adds state-of-the-art capability new to commercial airliners: the ability for the voice and data recorder to be deployed in the event of significant structural deformation or water submersion while also initiating the Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT). These units are designed to float and the crash-protected memory module contains the at least 25 hours of recorded cockpit voice and flight data and is equipped with an integrated dual-frequency Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT) to help rescue teams rapidly locate the downed aircraft, attend to survivors, and the Timely Recovery of Flight Data (TRFD) to expedite accident investigation.

      A Recorder Interface Unit (RIU) is used for the combined fixed and deployable solution for Airbus specific variants using the CVDR and ADFR on the Airbus 330, 350 and 380 platforms.

  • SRVIVR25 Solid-State Cockpit Voice and Data Recorder (CVDR)

      L3’s SRVIVR25 Solid-State Cockpit Voice and Data Recorder (CVDR) delivers exceptional performance and reliability with at least 25 hours of recording capabilities on up to four channels (Cockpit Area Microphone and 3 additional crew microphone inputs), Data Link Recording and more 40 hours of Flight Data. Its compact size and lightweight engineering make it the ideal CVDR solution for A320, A330, A350 and A380s, as well as all ARINC 747 and 757 standards on Boeing, Embraer and Bombardier platforms. Each platform variants has memory to support voice and data requirements. The specific CVR/FDR/COMBI installation is dependent on standards and/or Aircraft/OEM wiring.

      This lightweight, ruggedized Crash-Survivable Memory Unit (CSMU) made of stainless steel weighs only 9.79 pounds. The SRVIVR25 is also available as a stand-alone Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR) or Flight Data Recorder (FDR). It has demonstrated incredible crash worthiness.

      The SRVIVR25 series records a minimum of 25 hours of flight data at 64/128/256/or 512, 2028 words-per-second (wps).The unit is ARINC 573.717/747 (data) 557- and 757- compliant.

  • SRVIVR25 Solid-State Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR)

      L3’s SRVIVR25 Solid-State Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR) delivers exceptional performance and reliability supporting audio recording only.

  • SRVIVR25 Flight Data Recorder (FDR)

      L3’s SRVIVR25 Solid-State Flight Data Recorder offers low-cost of ownership and a simple design in ½ ATR short box configuration. It consumes little power (7.5W V DC, 8.5W V AC) and uses common ground support equipment.

  • Recorder Independent Power Supply (RIPS)

      L3’s SRVIVR25 Recorders also a support an integrated Recorder Independent Power Supply (RIPS) that is required to provide a minimum of 10 minutes backup power to Cockpit Voice Recorders. This battery fits within the recorder envelope reducing the need to have a separate Type II/ IIIRIPS saving space, weight and reduces wiring complexity.

      • Accelerometers and installation accessories are available.
      • Microphones and Control Panels.
      • Type II/III RIPS