TCAS 3000SP™

Backwards compatibility assured

The TCAS 3000SP is completely backward-compatible with the TCAS 2000, and provides appreciable operating cost savings through its reduced weight and power dissipation. Other features include an internal data recorder with external PC-based data analysis tool, maintenance aurals, and the ability to perform easy on-board software uploads using a built-in compact flash port.

Optional software upgrades

Software-only upgrades can be made to add ADS-B In functions, such as Surface Area Movement Management (SAMM), Merging & Spacing, CDTI Assisted Visual Separation (CAVS), InTrail Procedures (ITP) and Cockpit Display of Traffic Information (CDTI), which are all part of the SafeRoute® suite of ADS-B applications.


Part Number: 9003500-xxxxx


  • 4 MCU (7.6 in. H x 4.9 in. W x 15.8 in L)
  • 6 MCU (7.6 in. H x 7.5 in. W x 15.3 in L)


  • 4 MCU: 14.7 lb. (6.7 kg) / 28 VDC only
  • 6 MCU: 16.08 lb. (7.3 kg) / 115 VAC and 28 VDC

Mounting: ARINC 600 6 OR 4 MCU Mount

Cooling: No forced air required for 4 MCU (internal fan); per ARINC 600/404 for 6 MCU


Processor Unit: Surveillance Processor

Mode S Transponder: NXT-600 (Business & Regional); NXT-800 or XS-950 (Air Transport Data Link); XS-950SI (Military Mode S/IFF)

Antenna: AT 910

Displays: Various

Controls: Various


Environmental Specifications: DO-160E

TSO: C119b (TCAS), C166 (ADS-B)

Software: DO-178B Level B

ADS-B Operation: RTCA/DO-260A 1090 MOPS for extended range

ADS-B Capability: > 95%

Operating Altitude: Sea level to 70,000 ft.

Operating Temperature: -55 degrees C to +70 degrees C

Storage Temperature: -55 degrees C to +85 degrees C

Power Consumption: 70 W nominal

Maintenance: Supports OEM Maintenance Computer Interfaces

Data Loading: Compact Flash

Product support

Repair and Overhaul Administration:
Phone: +1 (623) 445-7030
Fax: +1 (623) 445-7002

Product Support/Customer Service:
Phone: +1 (623) 445-7070
Fax: +1 (623) 445-7001

AOG Services:
Regional, Business Jet & Military
Administered by logistics partner AVGroup
Provides exchange and rental services of ACSS LRUs to existing ACSS customers.
Phone: +1 (866) AOG-TCAS or (866) 264 8227 US callers
Phone: +1 (678) 597-2792 International callers
Fax: +1 (770) 457-8563

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