Trilogy ESI

Ideal solution for new aircraft, veteran fleet

The Trilogy ESI’s space-saving footprint, easy installation and complete digital design make it the ideal standby for both new aircraft as well as those outfitted with aging or traditional analog gauges. Heading is also available, when coupled with the optional magnetometer, which enables the system to display magnetic heading in a dedicated window.

Case-contained design

If you’re planning a panel upgrade, now is the perfect time to add a Trilogy ESI. Trilogy’s internal, long-lasting lithium-ion battery (ESI-2000 model) and case-contained design makes installation straightforward and affordable for almost any fixed-wing or helicopter platform.

Liquid Crystal Display, flicker-free LED backlight

The Trilogy ESI’s Active Matrix Liquid Crystal Display (AMLCD) has a nominal diagonal size of 3.7 inches with a flicker-free LED backlight. A bezel-mounted light sensor provides automatic dimming with manual adjustment controlled via the menu system. Four soft key buttons on the front of the bezel provide quick access to user-defined display settings, barometric adjustments and menu options. The Trilogy bezel is available in gray or black.

Size (W x H)

Bezel: 4” x 3” (10.16cm x 7.62cm)

Chassis: 3-ATI Opening

6.17 in. deep (15.67 cm)


ESI-1000: 2.22 lb. (1.01 kg) max ESI-2000: 2.56 lb. (1.16 kg) max


+28.0 VDC nominal, 10.0 watts max

+14.0 VDC (with external converter)




DO-254, Level A


DO-178B, Level A


Altitude: -1,500 ft. to +55,000 ft.

Airspeed: 20 knots to 400 knots


FAA and EASA TSO-C2d, TSO-C3e, TSO-C4c, TSO-C6e, TSO-C10b, TSO-C46a, TSO-C113, TSO-C179


Tested to fixed-wing and helicopter vibration levels per DO-160F

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