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Data analysis

The FDR data analysis/reasonableness testing process includes the downloading of digital flight data from the aircraft, data storage, processing of data, analysis by trained personnel, and reporting with recommendations to operators for action.

L3Harris can provide total service including the data downloading, analysis and reporting. The analysis will focus on the assessment of recorded parameter values against expected magnitude, direction and rate of change and can target specific performance parameters.

L3Harris will assess, report and recommend.

Intelligibility Testing

L3Harris can provide intelligibility testing results and reports to confirm Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR) system functionality and required performance. The process for testing includes:

  • Determination of the performance of the CVR system
  • Condition of the CVR system for “intelligibility” will be determined by the evaluation of the recording made during a flight test
  • Recording will be analyzed and evaluated to determine that:
  • All of the required inputs to the CVR are functioning

- The levels of the required inputs are balanced to one another
- No extraneous noises are being introduced that cause the recorded audio to be distorted
- The CAM is picking up cabin noises appropriately (no interference)

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