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Customer and Product services

Currently, there are over 70 components in the L3Harris Aviation Products catalog. Each product in our catalog is backed with extensive after-sales support service offerings that help deliver exceptional customer satisfaction.

Whether you’re looking for a real-time answer to an operational or installation question, or trying to locate the latest Technical Publication or Service Bulletin, our goal is to provide you with the information you need, when you need it.

Our Customer and Product Support services include:
  • Avionics Protection
  • Database Design for Recorders using Readout Support Equipment
  • FAST Programs
  • Non-Warranty Repair Information
  • Read Outs
  • Repair and Overhaul
  • Service Bulletins
  • Technical Publications
  • Trained Experts for Real-Time Support
  • Training
  • Warranty Repair/Exchange/Spares Information
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GRR Repair Information

    Product Training

  • Flight Data Recorders

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      Courses available include:

      • Recorder Operation
      • Recorder Maintenance
      • ROSE Database Development
      • Accident Investigation
      • Iridium Operation
  • TCAS, TAWS & Mode S Transponders

      ACSS provides two types of training to support the needs of our customers. Our web-based training provides convenient self-paced modules that are FAA Federal Aviation Administration accepted as Inspection Authorization (IA) Renewal Training. These FAA accepted courses meet the requirements of Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) part 65, 65.93(a) (4), for IA renewal.

      We also offer traditional classroom training at designated times throughout the year.

    • Web Based Training

      ACSS is now offering web-based avionics training! These training courses cover system description, flight operations familiarization, maintenance procedures, and product interface requirements for ACSS TCAS, TAWS, and SafeRoute® products. To access the training area of this website, please visit:

    • Classroom Training

      ACSS offers classroom training three times per year on a scheduled basis. Please call for class start dates and enrollment requirements. See Training Enrollment section below. Aviation Communication and Surveillance Systems (ACSS), an L3Harris and Thales Company, is pleased to announce the following training courses to be held at the main facility in Phoenix, Arizona.

    • Course Title: TCAS / Mode S Transponder System

      The TCAS System is configured for installations in all aircraft types including Commercial Air Transport, Regional, and General Aviation aircraft types.  The training course teaches students system description, equipment operation, maintenance procedures, interface and general aircraft maintenance procedures.  The major components discussed in this course include the TCAS computer, Mode S transponder, control panels, VSI/TRA display and directional antenna. The course also includes interface protocol for both the TCAS computer and Mode S transponder.

      The maintenance portion of the class focuses on the maintenance procedures for the TCAS 2000 / T2CAS /TCAS 3000/ TCAS 3000SP systems. (T3CAS maintenance is a separate course, as listed below).

      Note: T2CAS/T3CAS customers requiring familiarization with the TCAS functions of the T2CAS/T3CAS LRU should attend this course.

    • Course Title: T2CAS (TAWS) System

      ACSS integrated TAWS functionality into the TCAS 2000 LRU, allowing operators to combine TAWS and TCAS in a single LRU. The TCAS 2000 is unchanged from the existing ARINC-735A characteristic in terms of operational characteristics and I/O interfaces with the addition of the TAWS capability. This training course will present the TAWS system (including the optional windshear and GPS) and teach the students system description, flight modes of operation, maintenance procedures, interface and general aircraft maintenance procedures. Aircraft interfacing and the Aircraft Personality Module (APM) are discussed in detail with examples of aircraft configurations. Self-testing and data loading are presented in the line maintenance discussion.

      Students should have a good understanding of aircraft systems and basic understanding of analog, digital and ARINC protocols.

      19810 North 7th Ave., Phoenix, Arizona 85027-4400

      2 days

    • Course Title: ADS-B IN Applications

      This course will cover familiarization with the main ADS-B IN applications ARIB, CAVS, IMS, and ITP. Each of these applications will be discussed along with overview of how to equip and benefits unique to the ADS-B IN system.


    • Couse Title: T3CAS – Maintenance

      T3CAS is a computer unit that combines the functions of a TCAS, Mode S transponder and TAWS into one unit. The T3CAS is also capable of ADS-B IN operations. This class is intended to give the user a basic understanding of the maintenance requirements for this combined unit. The training course teaches students the system description, equipment operation, interface and general aircraft maintenance procedures.

      Note: T3CAS customers requiring familiarization with the TCAS, Mode S and/or TAWS functions of the T3CAS LRU should attend the TCAS/Mode S and/or TAWS course(s) listed above as well.


    • Couse Title: LYNX ADS-B Solutions

      The Lynx family of ADS-B transponders goes well beyond the capabilities of a typical system by offering an array of new-generation features and capabilities. The Lynx NGT-9000 introduces the convenience of touchscreen control. It operates like your favorite tablet or smartphone, displaying traffic, weather or terrain via Lynx’s unique resistive touch screen, which improves key selection, especially during turbulent conditions.

      The training course teaches students the system overview, installation training, and fault isolation.


    • Training Enrollment

      To better serve our customers, please contact the ACSS Customer Support Team to coordinate your training enrollment requests. For enrollment information on advertised courses, simply contact the Customer Support Team at (623) 445-7070 (option 3) or send your inquiry via e-mail to:

      We would appreciate your cooperation in adhering to the following procedure to help us reduce trainee no-shows and maximize customer participation.

      Enrollment Procedure:

      1. The customer completes the enrollment form, after downloading from the below link.
      2. Send the form to the email address below:
        - E-mail to
        - An enrollment form is required for each student attending a course. The forms are in the General Enrollment Information drop down.
      3. The Customer Support Team will provide final confirmation of enrollment via e-mail.
      4. If tuition charges apply, payment and amount will be provided with your confirmation email.
      5. An enrollment form is required for each student attending a course.
      6. The Training Registrar will provide final confirmation of enrollment by e-mail.
      7. If tuition charges apply, payment and amount will be provided with your confirmation email.
    • General Enrollment Information:

      1. Written requests for enrollment are required. Please use the downloaded form. All inquiries will be acknowledged.

      2. Enrollments are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

      3. If enrollment requests exceed space available, enrollments will be accepted based on the date and time the enrollment form is recorded. Class size is limited to 15 students. The numbers of students that can be enrolled from a single customer or agency may be limited, depending on the number of other students.

      4. If unforeseen circumstances require course postponement or cancellation, ACSS will normally provide a minimum of one-week notice.

      5. Attendance is normally limited to customers or aircraft manufacturers using ACSS products. For more information, contact the Training Registrar.

      6. If it becomes necessary for a registered student to withdraw from a class, please advise the Training Registrar at least 10 working days before the first day of class so students on standby status can be enrolled.

      7. Due to the high demand for courses, any student who withdraws without a 10-day notice may be subject to full tuition charges, if applicable. We ask for your cooperation so that we may better serve all of our customers.

      8. General student information (date, location and start time) will be forwarded with final confirmation of enrollment.

      9. If information about local hotels is required, please check the appropriate box on the Enrollment Form.

      • All study materials provided are marked “FOR TRAINING PURPOSES ONLY” and are not under revision/update control.
      • Limitations on the reproduction or further distribution of training materials may be identified on the training documents. Non-U.S. citizens may be asked to sign a Letter of Assurance form where required by U.S. export law (recipient of data agrees not to make data available to citizens of designated countries).
      • A passport must be presented by all non-U.S. citizens when checking in at ACSS on the first day of training for admittance to the training facility in Phoenix. Also, a photocopy of their passport must be sent with the Enrollment Form.

      Click here to download the ACSS Product Training Schedule for 2019 and our enrollment form. (PDF)

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