3 UK destinations aspiring pilots need to visit

by L3Harris Airline Academy on Jul 05 2019
With an industry as vast and interesting as the world of aviation, there’s always something new to learn - whether you’re training to become a pilot, or simply want to expand your knowledge.

The history of the aviation industry spans several centuries, and it can be difficult to find all the information you desire in one place. Across the UK there are many aviation and aircraft museums, but few that come with endless books, papers and models for you to peruse and explore. Have a look at some of the museums and libraries mentioned below to figure out the best places to visit as you learn how to fly.

The National Aerospace Library
The National Aerospace library, based in Farnborough, is proud to support technical research as well as protect aviation heritage. The extensive library is entirely devoted to aviation, aeronautics and aerospace technology, as well as its development. As part of the Royal Aeronautical Society, the library houses a vast combination of contemporary journals and books, historical papers and publications, alongside a repository of aviation images and photographs. The collection is designed to aid learning and development, making it perfect for academics and researchers alike.

Gatwick Aviation Museum
The Gatwick Aviation Museum features a unique selection of British aircraft, dating back from the end of the second world war until the 1970s. During this time, some of the most advanced and contemporary technology was created by British aircraft designers. The museum presents a clear timeline with plenty of examples from some of the biggest manufacturers during this period, such as Hawker, Blackburn, Arvo, English Electric, Percival and more. This museum has a much more hands-on approach than some of the others, and allows you to see where the basis of today’s aviation industry began to blossom.

Farnborough Air Sciences Trust
Farnborough Air Sciences Trust, otherwise known as FAST, has collected an array of unique and bespoke engineering and scientific artefacts, alongside archives of film, reports and photographs which predominantly originate from the RAE. Most of this collection was produced for the research and development programmes at Farnborough and its outstations. Some of the more popular artefacts include the Concorde engine, intakes and exhaust buckets, as well as a complete range of Flying Clothing and Helmets, guided weapons, radio and radar items, and much more.
FAST also has an extensive library of popular aviation books, as well as directly related RAE and Royal Aircraft Factory historical artefacts. The library collection includes some of the technical notebooks of the early pioneers at Farnborough, as well as a vast range of autobiographies and biographies of test and service pilots.

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