5 Reasons Why - I like teaching at L3Harris

by Daryl Watson on Sep 14 2020

My name is Daryl Watson and I am a multi-engine instructor for L3Harris at Bournemouth and have been instructing for the past 15 years. I started as a private pilot licence (PPL) instructor then as I gained experience and added qualifications I steadily progressed to where I am now, teaching trainees to the required standard to attain their single pilot multi engine instrument rating, (SE/ME/IR) the entry standard for an airline career.

These are my 5 reasons why I like teaching at L3Harris.

1. Seeing the cadet's progress

It is professionally very satisfying to be involved in training the next generation of pilots. To be able to share my experience and to encourage the trainees to apply the knowledge they have gained, then to see the trainees begin to build on that foundation as they start their careers.

2. Environment at Bournemouth

Bournemouth is an excellent base from which to train, the challenges of flight training in a mixed traffic environment (commercial traffic, structured flight training and recreational flights) coupled with controlled airspace are very demanding but, there is space just outside of that busy, structured airspace in which to teach, to learn and practice new skills.

3.  The aircraft

All the aircraft that we train with are equipped with GARMIN 1000 displays, these are very capable pieces of equipment and are comparable to anything found in a modern airliner.

4.  The team

The instructor team that I’m part of at Bournemouth are not only highly qualified and experienced but many have the benefit of having flown for an airline, trainees can build upon our knowledge and become better pilots as a result.

5. The view

The view from the ‘office window’ is ever changing and there is nothing quite like climbing through cloud and then breaking out into bright sunshine and blue sky having left behind a grey day on the ground. Flying has the potential to take you many places and on a good weather day the views are stunning.