5 Reasons Why - I love the new Piper Archers

by Nicholas Stoker on Sep 10 2020

Hi, my name is Nicholas Stoker! I am Flight Training Group Manager and Check Instructor at L3Harris Flight Academy in Sanford, Florida. I was lucky enough to help the Academy pick up the Piper Archers from the factory and teach our instructors how to fly these fantastic aircraft. The Archers are great airplanes to teach and learn from to prepare for a career in aviation and here’s my top 5 reasons why! 

1. The Garmin G1000 NXi Aviation Suite

The Archers have a Garmin G1000 NXi aviation suite that enables both the student and instructor a multitude of options to help accomplish training missions, in either VFR or IFR weather.

2. GFC 700 Autopilot

Included in our G1000 is the integrated autopilot system. This Autopilot takes over the controls to reduce the workload on the pilots in a safe and intuitive manner.

3.  Comfort

All of the Archers are straight out of the factory with that new airplane smell! The cockpit is ergonomic, with enough room to sit a student and instructor comfortably.

4.  Utility

The Archers will be used for all single engine courses at the Academy. The capabilities of the aircraft allow it to be used for VFR and IFR flight.

5. The Landings are Smooth!

The design of the Archer’s wings allows the airplane to handle winds with ease. With a little practice, landings are a breeze!