5 Reasons Why - I love training at Cranfield

by Muhammad Faiyaz Qamar on Sep 15 2020

Hello, my name is Muhammad Faiyaz Qamar, I am a cadet at the Cranfield base with L3Harris. Before joining L3Harris, I was High School Teacher for 13 years, I decided to leave my teaching career to become a pilot. Here are my 5 reasons why I love training at Cranfield. 

1. Welcoming Environment

The first reason I love training with L3Harris in Cranfield is how welcoming the instructors and staff have made us feel, they take the time to help us in and out of the classroom/plane. This includes those in the ops room, who don’t hesitate to help where they can. The Base Support Manager, Mariya, is very helpful and on hand to deal with any non-flying issues. 

2. Instructors

The second reason I love training with L3Harris in Cranfield is the experience of the instructors, with my background of education for over a decade I am happy with their knowledge, experience and teaching methods. 

The DCFI Jason is clearly experienced, sets the pace of the lesson and has high expectations so I know what to expect, also allowing me to take on more so I don't fall short.

David (even more experienced) just like Jason sets out the outline of the lesson, and tests us at every turn, with full explanation, slowly giving more and more control over the aircraft. He also brings his Yorkshire charm and wit.

3. Modern Aircraft

The third reason is the types of planes we have; the Diamond DA40 NG which comes with the Garmin G1000, needless to say we are using very good, stable plane with the latest instruments. 

4. Airline Connections

The fourth reason is the fact that I know they have good connections with airlines and will help me secure my place in the right seat with a partner airline

5. Relaxed Atmosphere

The fifth reason I love training at Cranfield is the relaxed atmosphere in amongst the base. It is a good learning environment, everyone is friendly and is always ready to help where they can. I’ve had wonderful support from my peers, which consists of whitetail and airline cadets.