5 Reasons Why - I loved training in Florida

by Rudy Benders on Sep 23 2020

Hey everyone, my name is Rudy. I am a former student and flight instructor of the L3Harris Airline Academy located in Sanford, Florida. My time as a flight instructor and student was a great experience that I will always cherish. I gained a lot of experience and flight hours which helped me to obtain my first job as an airline pilot in the Caribbean, where I am currently based out of.  Today I will be going over the 5 reasons why I loved training in Florida.

1. The Weather

My first reason why I loved training in Florida is the weather. Florida is well known for being the ‘sunshine state,’ offering clear blue skies and warm temperatures which are ideal for flight training. This avoids some delays in flight training, in comparison to training up north where the weather systems are generally bad.

2. Attractions

My second reason why I loved training in Florida, are the fun attractions that it has. Aside from its nearly year round clear weather, there are many enjoyable and relaxing attractions such as going to the amusement parks, beaches, and visiting the Kennedy space center. This gave me the opportunity to enjoy Florida while flight training.

3.  Airports

My third reason are the many airports that are located around Sanford. This gave me the perfect opportunity to always improve on my pilot proficiency and communication skills by flying into many distinct airports of all runway sizes and lengths while speaking to countless Air Traffic Controllers.

4.  Topography

The fourth reason why I loved training in Florida is its topography. Florida offers a consistent flat topography which allows flying to be more enjoyable, as it lessens any anxiety for new pilots having to worry about tall obstacles and mountainous terrain.

5. Scenery

The fifth reason why I loved training in Florida is the beautiful scenery that it offers. Whether flying at day over the beautiful coastline or at sunset, my favorite. It is always a beautiful view to take in.