Becoming a Pilot in the USA

by L3Harris Airline Academy on Aug 13 2019
When it comes to thinking about your career options, becoming a commercial airline pilot is definitely one of the more exciting choices - it certainly beats sitting behind a desk! From jet setting around the globe down to the many other benefits that you can experience, there’s plenty in the job description that will fill you with excitement.

Due to the nature of the aviation industry, there’s a rising demand for commercial pilots, particularly in the US - which means there’s never been a better time to become an airline pilot.

Advantages of a starting your pilot career in the US

While there are plenty of places where you can train to become an airline pilot, there is nothing quite like becoming a pilot in the USA.

Facilities and Museums

Alongside our Florida Flight School, the US is home to plenty of excellent pilot training facilities. These can help you learn more about the aviation industry, or soak in some of the rich flight history in the United States.

If you are looking to supplement your aviation training with industry knowledge, the US really is a fantastic place to learn.

Some of the most notable museums are:

Employment Options

Learning to fly in the US also offers a lot of employment options for cadets, due to the shortage of pilots that the US is currently experiencing. With many US airlines, such as Delta, looking for a large number of pilots over the next decade, finding employment after flight school may be less competitive in comparison to other countries.

With so many airlines operating in the US, trainee pilots are offered a vast range of choices after finishing their time in education. In fact, there are plenty of pathway options available to qualified pilots in the US, giving you the freedom to progress in your aviation career however you choose.

Flight conditions

In many pilot training locations, practical flight training can be reduced or postponed due to poor weather conditions - such as snow, rain or wind. Florida, however, experiences the very best flight conditions. This leads to more hands-on flight time during your pilot training, helping you to get as much experience as possible in the cockpit. The United States is a great place to get out and enjoy more time in the sky.

Taking the next step

Interested in becoming a pilot in the US, but not sure where to start? For someone who’s new to the aviation industry, it can be difficult to know how to kick start your aviation career.

To start your journey to become a pilot in the US, you first need to determine whether this is the right decision for you. Becoming a pilot is rewarding, but also requires dedication and funding - which is why it’s crucial to ensure that this is something you’re committed to. Extensive research is the best way to familiarise yourself with the benefits and pilot requirements before going on to the application process.

For more information about careers in aviation, have a look at our page on how to become a pilot in the U.S.A.

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