Everything you need to know about training as a female pilot

by L3Harris Airline Academy on Jun 28 2019
1910 saw Raymonde de Laroche defy all odds, soaring into the skies and claiming her place as the first licensed female pilot in the world. Now, over 100 years later, many women have followed in the path of this aviation trailblazer, taking to the skies themselves for both business and leisure.

However, despite the significant strides that women have taken in order to become part of the aviation industry, the actual number of women in aviation related careers is still quite low. According to the Centre of Aviation, 7.0% of all US FAA airline pilot certificates are held by women, while just 4.4% of US airline pilots and 4.3% of UK airline pilots are female.

It’s no surprise then that many companies and organisations, including L3, are focused on increasing these statistics by providing a number of different options to help facilitate women who want to pursue a career in the aviation industry.

Scholarship options for women

There are several aviation scholarships for women who wish to be part of the industry, but perhaps may not be able to afford it. These scholarships come from airlines, specialised training providers and commercial pilot schools, such as the British Airways Future Pilot Programme, or the Women in Aviation Scholarships from L3 Airline Academy.

As well as concerns about pilot training costs, some prospective female pilots can find it intimidating in an industry with such an obvious gender imbalance. However, when asked about whether they received negative, or simply different, treatment in comparison to their male counterparts, many female pilots have responded positively. In fact, you can read about Hannah Kirkham’s experience as a Female First Officer for Virgin Atlantic on our blog.

Another concern that surrounds the prospect of a career as a pilot can be the restrictions to work and life balance. With any career, most women will take into consideration how said career can affect their personal lives, from being away from home often to a future family. However, in many ways, being a pilot can be more flexible than other professions; from opting to work part-time down to a compatible and adjustable schedule. There are plenty of female pilots who enjoy a balanced personal life alongside their successful career as a pilot.

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With many routes into the aviation industry, and plenty of support available, there’s never been a better time for women to learn how to fly. Here at L3 Airline Academy, we believe in bringing some balance and inclusivity to the flight deck, and want to help. That’s why this year we’re awarding scholarships to women from the UK, Europe and the USA.

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