My Love for Aviation

by Rudy Gomes on Feb 26 2020

Hi everyone! My name is Rudy Gomes, I’m an L3Harris cadet pilot training in Portugal and today I’ll be sharing a bit of my story with you.

My love for aviation, flying and airplanes started way back when I was a six year old boy; while everyone wanted to become a doctor, a fireman or a teacher when they grew up, I always wanted to become a pilot and fly!

I was eight years old when I had my first flight experience and I remember the feeling as if it was yesterday. The power and acceleration during take-off was the confirmation that I needed to be sure of what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. My mom was very supportive as she always told me “Do what you love and you won’t have to work a day in your life!” Ever since, my interest for aviation has grown.

I practice plane spotting on a regular basis to find out the latest aircraft models and experience new airport environments. Aviation is such a technological world that if you blink for a second, you’ll miss new features. For that reason, as pilots, we must be prepared to study our whole life to keep up with innovation.

So, here I am, making the dream come true and looking forward to “not working a single day in my life!”

I went through ground school in Cascais, close to the capital city of Lisbon, and after finishing the 14 subjects of ATPL theory I moved to Ponte de Sor for my flight training. I started flying the brand new Piper PA-28 Archer TX in December 2019 with my instructor and I am currently flying solo. I will always remember my first solo flight. It was an amazing and unforgettable moment in my life. The feeling of being alone in an aircraft for the first time gave me a rush of adrenaline and sense of responsibility like I’ve never had before!

Every flight offers you a different challenge and experience, motivating you to always try and do better. I hope my story inspires others to follow their dreams too - see you in the skies!

Rudy (Instagram @pilot_rudy)

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