The 10 Most Beautiful Airport Landings in the World

by L3 CA on Mar 20 2018

Once you have become a pilot with L3 Airline Academy you could be touching down at one of these locations.

1. Wellington International Airport

This New Zealand airport exhibits a new terminal on the side of its main building, jokingly nicknamed “The Rock”. The terminal stands as one of the most beautiful in the world. Wood panels covering the ceiling create an abstract dome shelter characterizing the innovative and creative environment. Copper panels sculpt a radiating pyramid-like structure that aims to express the appreciation of the environment, culture and history of Wellington.

2. Dubai International Airport

Dubai is one of the most desired destinations in the world, and here’s a must see destination on any traveler’s trip — as if anyone needed another reason to want to visit. This airport is composed of innovative and modern designs that make the building a destination in and of itself. Designed by Paul Andreu, the building is colored with smooth whites and sleek silvers. Large glass windows show visitors the beautiful country they will soon explore, and the range of possibilities they will uncover along the way.

3. Marrakesh-Menara Airport

The architectural design on this Moroccan airport is a stunning portrayal of intricate art. The pattern around the overhang creates an astonishing shadow and light show in Terminal 1. The design showcases an innovative approach to architecture, but maintains the traditional designs in the details of the structure. The facade features a geometric pattern with traditional Islamic ornaments inside the shapes. The interior design of the terminals aid in preserving Moroccan culture, while blending beautifully with the contemporary design on the exterior.

4. Incheon International Airport

This high-tech South Korean airport — one of the largest and busiest in the world — makes visitors feel like they’re in a separate city with its huge campus and infinite stores. The glass ceilings welcome natural light into the building illuminating the airport with life from the outside. Korean tradition is preserved in the architecture of this building in many ways. The structure incorporates architectural designs of a traditional Korean temple, even including traditional gardens throughout the building. Many Korean artifacts decorate the various hallways, providing visitors with an early look into a culture they will soon encounter.

5. Kuala Lumpur International Airport

Kuala ranks as the biggest and busiest airport in Malaysia against its competitors. This airport contains multiple terminals, a jungle boardwalk for recreation and perfect photo ops, and a long list of shops and food spots to try. The two terminals in the airport were both explicitly built centered on the notion of inviting in natural light. The combination of glass windows and cut-outs in the roof draw the attention of visitors and inspire an appreciation for the beauty of natural light.

6. TWA Flight Center at the John F. Kennedy International Airport

A metaphorical time capsule holds the spirit of the past in the TWA Flight Center at the John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York. Despite the fact that this historic landmark isn’t open to the public, it has become a symbol of the United States during the 1960s. The retro interior design and domed roof sparks a blast-from-the-past for many visitors, and will soon become a hotel and conference center.

7. Barajas Airport, Madrid

Since the airport’s opening in 1926, the Barajas Airport has become an aviation hub for Europe. Measuring by size, Barajas is tied with just one other airport as the largest in all of Europe.. With five passenger terminals, this airport meets plenty of travelers everyday. Its design is primarily built around grooved roofs supported by pairs of columns. With style and navigation ease in mind, designers added color to the architecture. The various columns are coordinated by color to the designated terminals, creating not only an inviting atmosphere but an easy guide for navigation.

8. Denver International Airport

The Denver International Airport is not just another airport, but a long-standing symbol for locals. One of the best parts about this airport is the story behind its remodeling. In just three short weeks, the hired architect conspired a plan to save money and time in recreating the out-dated and scanty airport. One of the most noteworthy pieces of the design is a sculpted roof canopy that represents the region’s Rocky Mountains, the wagons of pioneer settlers and the tepees of Native Americans. The airport grew to become a cultural landmark that has continued to inspire residents and visitors alike.

9. Malé International Airport in the Maldives (pictured)

Located on an island with vast amounts of sparkling blue water and beautiful white sand, this airport is on the list not necessarily for its design but its location. Airplanes graze over crystal blue waters and beaches before landing near the port. With views like the ones from the airplane windows, vacationers are able to begin their stay in paradise before they even touch the ground.

10. Princess Juliana International Airport

This international airport is included or its prime position in the Caribbean Islands. This location is another escape into paradise; the proximity to the beautiful waters and sand is what makes this airport a must-see. Beachgoers often get very close to incoming planes because the plane runways are located right next to beach shores.

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