The Feeling of Finishing Ground School

by Joe Coutts-Wood on Jul 21 2020

My journey through ground school has been a challenging yet rewarding one. With so much to learn in only six months it can certainly be overwhelming. However, the instructors at L3Harris are phenomenal and taking advantage of their experience and expertise helps beyond belief. I found that they often go above and beyond to ensure they clarify any questions you might have. Additional training is provided in a hassle-free way if you feel you need it (which I think is really reassuring to know before you start ground school). Coming from a full-time job and having not studied for a while made ground school a steep learning curve, but this was made less daunting by the staff and instructors. The way I saw it is that it’s only six months of really hard work, then you will get the emails with your results and it is a feeling like no other!

Aside from working towards the ATPL exams, we were also able to go in the flight simulators for a couple of sessions (a real bonus as this isn’t a guaranteed part of the course because the sims aren’t always available). These sessions really boosted motivation and helped us visualise our goal of becoming commercial airline pilots, which is very hard when in a classroom studying all day! These sessions offered three hours of simulator time per cadet and included everything from take-offs & landings to low visibility approaches. A lot of fun and a nice break from revision!

More recently we have had to study during lockdown. This has proven to be more difficult than I thought. Without being in the classroom environment and being at home… procrastination can soon kick in! So, making a spreadsheet scheduling my days and sticking to it has really helped. We have also had online tutorials with our regular instructors which really helped continuity of training during the tough times of lockdown. There was also a weekly online meeting where we could ask questions and have updates. The support during lockdown was second to none!

Thank you to all my CP226 course-mates and my instructors, for getting me through ground school!

Joe – find me on Instagram @Joe007uk