Top 5 Tips - Building Your Hours

by Josh Fuhrer on Feb 21 2019
Hello, my name is Josh Fuhrer. I’m a Flight Instructor for L3 at the Sanford, Florida academy. I have been instructing at L3 since July of last year, and have since made it to about halfway of my 1500 hours. I have had the opportunity to get to know staff from many of our airline partners, and was just recently given a job offer at Endeavor Air upon reaching my time! Here are my Top 5 Tips to building flight time:

1) Pick a job you love

You have to be able to go to work every day loving every minute of it, or it will seem like you’re just grinding for your time and that’s not very enjoyable. Waking up every day looking forward to work really takes the “work” out of it!

2) Don’t focus on the hours

Focusing on the hours will make it seem like you’re never reaching your goal, as it’s a process that just requires patience and time. You’ll wake up one day and have your hours, until then, don’t worry about it.

3) Enjoy yourself

Don’t be out flying 25 hours a day, 8 days a week! Enjoy your life and this transition period from when you’ve finished your training to when you’ve made your dreams a reality! Make time for Life, it only happens once!

4) Gain experience

A given amount of hours from one pilot does not equal the amount of hours from another pilot, in terms of experience. Use the time you’ll be building hours for learning new and exciting things, such as getting your seaplane rating or tailwheel endorsement, or doing mountain flying or aerobatics! It all helps you to become a more experienced, well-rounded pilot and can save your life one day!

5) It’s a never ending process 

Although you’re reading this and probably building time for your ATP certificate, don’t think you’re done building time. You’re always in search of that certain/specific aircraft time to land that next big job you were dreaming of, whether it is flying multi-million dollar private jets or that Boeing 787 you always see flying over!