Top 5 Tips - Exam Week

by James Aubrey on Mar 25 2019
Hey there everybody! My name is James, I’m 21 years old and from Cardiff. I am currently in the foundation flight training phase of my integrated course with L3, based out of Bournemouth Airport. Stepping into the cockpit of an aircraft for the first time made all of the hard work and constant exams of Ground School feel completely worth it! From my personal experience I know how challenging the ATPL exams can be, so below I have included my top 5 tips for getting through the exam period.

1) Take breaks and get plenty of rest.
During the exam period you may feel overloaded with all of the hard work and constant concentration that you have to put in. It is therefore vitally important to take regular breaks throughout the day and to get plenty of sleep the night before an exam. This will ensure that you feel fully focussed and refreshed.

2) Focus on the areas that you feel weakest in.
It is very common to reach the exam period and to still have areas in which you feel less confident. My main tip would be not to panic, spend more time focusing on these areas leading up to your exam to ensure that they stay fresh in your mind.

3) Group consolidation.
Getting together with some of your course mates to discuss the more challenging areas of the exams is a very effective way of filling in the gaps in your knowledge. It also helps to break the monotony of studying by yourself, helping massively with motivation!

4) Believe in yourself.
The stress of exams may cause some self-doubt to creep in. This is normal and something which we all feel. Having self-belief will help you to reach your full potential and to feel more focussed going in to the exams.

5) Remind yourself of the end goal.
Remember the reason that you’re doing this - to fulfil your dream of becoming an Airline Pilot! Picture yourself sitting in the flight deck of your favourite aircraft flying hundreds of passengers around at a time. The reality is that this is just around the corner for you!

I hope these tips will help get you through your exams en route to achieving your dream. Good luck!

James Aubrey