Top 5 Tips - First Solo

by João Ribeiro on Mar 30 2019
Olá! My name is João Ribeiro. I am a former student and currently flight instructor for L3 CTS in Ponte de Sor, Portugal. I consider myself to be very lucky, being able to do what I love the most as my job. I am also able to share the magic of flying with all of my students as a flight instructor.

In order for you to give wings to your dream as a Pilot, you will experience one of the most memorable flights of your career - the First Solo. Here, you can find my top five tips for your first solo flight.

1) Do not panic.
It’s no secret that pilots tend to become under stress when they are about to go solo, a little stress is normal and healthy. If by any reason you feel that you are physically under stress and think that you will not be able to do it, do not hesitate to talk with your instructor about it. Remember that no instructor will release you if you are not capable. Believe in yourself.

2) Be responsible.
When flying for the first time by yourself, students have the tendency to mainly focus inside the cockpit. Having good situational awareness it is also very important. Make sure you are monitoring the communications carefully at all times, follow the instructions from the controller and know where the position of the traffic is that might affect you. Good decision making and situational awareness will keep your flight safe and the ones you are sharing the skies with.

3) Aviate, Navigate, Communicate.
In the aviation world this applies to all flying situations. Now that you are about to fly solo and be the ultimate decision maker inside the cockpit it should be clear which are the priorities. By respecting these steps you should be able to solve any problem that you will encounter in flight and hopefully reach for blue and smooth skies.

4) You can always Go-around.
You are about to accomplish one of the best experiences of your life, so if you are on final and for any reason your approach is not on the spot as you are used to, do not hesitate in performing a go-around. There’s no shame in doing a go-around, in fact you will be known as a pilot that knows the difference between a stable and unstable approach.

5) Enjoy.
It will be a day for you to remember, so relax and just live in the moment.
“The most beautiful dream that has haunted man since Icarus, is ... today ... reality”