Top 5 Tips - Line Training

by Stuart Freeman on Feb 26 2019
Hi, my name is Stuart Freeman and I now fly for easyJet. I trained on the MPL route, training Coventry, Hamilton in New Zealand, then Bournemouth and Southampton in the UK. Here are my top 5 tips that could help you with your Line Training.

1) Confidence.
It can be intimidating flying a 60-tonne jet full of passengers to begin with but you've been trained to do this and it is still a plane, just like the ones we initially trained in.
2) Preparation.
Before you go for a flight, look at the charts and weather. Review any notes you took on the previous flights.
3) Learn your SOP's.
If you're not worrying about which button to press next, it frees up your capacity to fly the plane.
4) Plan your descent.
Don't rely on ATC to descend you on time. Work out when you need to start descending and ask for it.
5) Look to the end.
At 50', remember to look to the end of the runway. It's a basic technique, but it really helps with the landing.

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