Top 5 Tips - Studying at Home

by Sarah Johnson on Apr 22 2020

Hello, my name is Sarah and I am currently in Module 2 of Ground-school.  At L3Harris, we have switched to studying from home with all of our regular classes being run online.  Studying is not always easy at the best of times, so here are 5 of my top tips for working from home.

  1. Get yourself comfortable! Working long hours can be hard work for anyone, so it is really important to find a space that is yours, away from noises and distractions!  Get organised, get creative, but keep things tidy!  Keep all equipment, books, notes and snacks close to hand at all times.
  2. Follow a timetable - it is much easier to stick to a plan if you have one.  Having a routine also allows you to keep track of your progress and will help you to identify areas you may need to spend more time on.  Not only will it keep your mind healthy, but you’ll feel a lot more productive as well - and that’s a win! 
  3. Take breaks - and make sure they are away from the area you work in!  Get up, make yourself a cup of tea, or even sit outside for 10 minutes.  The important thing here is a change of scenery and an opportunity for your working mind to reset.  Take short, regular breaks throughout the day, stay hydrated and make sure you give yourself a good nights sleep too!
  4. Keep in contact with your classmates!  There is enormous value in collaborative work, so don’t let a lockdown be an excuse for anti-social learning.  Taking a quick phone call with a classmate, or chatting in a group via WhatsApp is a great way of staying connected and helping one another out with the learning material you may have learned that day.  So much good comes from staying connected, and particularly in these times, I can’t stress enough how much better you will feel from calling on your friends. 
  5. This one is the hardest.  Remember your goal!  Studying from home may come with its own set of challenges, but it is really important to recognise the goals you have set yourself, and to stay motivated.  Whilst your learning style may have changed, your goal hasn’t!  Keep that in mind, and keep going. 

Following these simple tips may be a good way of getting started if you’re finding the work-from-home transition to be hard. Sometimes starting with the basics is a good way to get the ball rolling.  They have certainly worked for me.

Stay safe and stay inside!