Top 5 Tips - Theoretical Ground School

by Diogo Flambo on Feb 14 2019
Hey everybody! My name is Diogo, I’m 23 years old and I come from Lisbon, Portugal. I’m currently a cadet pilot training at L3 Airline Academy pursuing my dream of becoming an airline pilot. I choose this school for that same reason: in my opinion there’s no better school than L3 to do your training and to get to the flight deck with the confidence and the knowledge that L3 gives you.

I was cabin crew before, and being here doing my training in a way is very similar: the schedules, the uniforms, the aircraft noises, but also the responsibility. I can give you a few tips that might help you to get through your ground school.

1. Never lose focus.
This is the most important thing. If this is your dream then grab it and work for it. When you get fed-up and tired sometimes, just picture yourself inside of a cockpit flying your dream plane and you’ll get through it!

2. Rest.
It’s very important to rest and allow yourself enough time to sleep between all this hard work. In order for you to be focussed during classes and maintain energy to study, this is vital.

3. Create schedules.
Plan your time carefully, construct a timetable and stick to it during the week. Being organised will keep your mind at ease, especially through stressful times.

4. A good diet and exercise
Eating healthy meals with plenty of liquids is key to get the best out of yourself. I know there’s not a lot of time and you’re probably tired after all the studying and classes, but just 10 minutes a day will make such a difference.

5. Utilise your weekends.
This is your time to relax, breathe a little bit and do other things. It’s very important to have a hobby and a place where you can escape and just relax for a while. In my case it’s my motorcycle. Every Sunday I take a ride around the coast and enjoy the breeze. Weekends can also be that extra time you have to study a subject that you didn’t understand so much, or to complete your study from the week of classes you had.

I hope my testimony is going to help you get through ground school and help you to achieve your dream!

Diogo Flambó