Top 5 Tips - Type Rating

by Grégoire Baroux on Feb 20 2019
Hey everyone. My name is Grégoire, I’m 23 and I’ve just finished my type rating for easyJet at L3 in Southampton. I will soon be flying the Airbus A320 for the airline all over Europe from Bordeaux. A TR (type rating) is the last part of our training before we get to fly the jet for real. Here are my top 5 tips for a successful type rating – I hope you find them useful:

1) Be dedicated
The TR is a lot of work, comprising of theoretical ground school, sim sessions and a Licencing Skills Test. Take each stage as it comes and do not be daunted by the volume of content or by the technology. With your sim partner you can quiz one another and practice together. You may have ups and downs, but if you stay committed and work hard it is do-able.

2) Ask questions
Don’t let a single doubt carry through. If you don’t understand something, tell your sim instructor, your sim partner on anyone else that can help you. NEVER be afraid to ask if you don’t know or aren’t sure. Also, try to challenge yourself to see if you fully understand why you perform each action, and what the results are.

3) Be prepared
Being prepared will allow you to perform well and to feel more comfortable as soon as you start. You will know what to study for before each day, using your airline manuals. In this case, the instructors will be there only to guide you and make sure you have the knowledge required and to ensure you are applying the procedures the correct way.

4) Practice makes perfect
You will make mistakes. Both you and your sim partner (you are human!) just like everyone! Learn from them and move on. With practice, you will stop making them and all your skills will improve: “Learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t live long enough to make them all yourself”.

5) Enjoy it
Even though it may be challenging, it is really enjoyable. Your course mates may well be your future colleagues – get to know your peers and spend time all together. It is very rewarding to know that as a crew you are capable of flying an airliner in a safe and efficient manner.