Top 5 Tips - VFR to IFR

by Austin LeBlanc on Mar 21 2019
Hi my name is Austin LeBlanc! I am a Flight Instructor located at the Florida Airline Academy in Sanford. Five days a week, you can find me teaching in my favorite aircraft at the academy, the Piper Seminole. Even in sunny Florida there are days when I experience less than favorable conditions and I wanted to share my top 5 tips for switching from VFR to IFR!

1) Trust your instruments.
Remember that now, you are dependent on your instruments! So make sure you set them correctly! You’re going to have to trust them with your life!

2) Always stay ahead of the aircraft!
It’s going to be your responsibility to safely and correctly fly your aircraft with no visibility outside.

3) Stay updated!
Almost every month there is going to be a brand new update for your GPS system/IFR charts so make sure you stay on top of it!

4) Always check for alternates.
Every time I fly, even with my students now, I always make sure I have options in case of an emergency. Don’t limit yourself!

5) Keep studying!
There is not a single day that goes by where I don’t learn something new! So always make sure to keep your mind open and remember to look over those FAA publications!