Why being a pilot is the best job in the world

by L3Harris Airline Academy on Jul 12 2019
Very few careers offer you the chance to look out over the clouds from the seat of a commercial plane, but that’s exactly what awaits some of the many students who graduate from L3Harris.

Though it can seem daunting taking those first steps towards becoming a pilot, there are plenty of reasons why being a pilot is the best job in the world. From job flexibility to high average salaries, we have compiled some of the top reasons to pursue a career in aviation.

Travelling to different places
The most well-known perk of becoming a pilot is being able to travel to different countries around the world - and getting paid to do it. Think of all the places you can visit in just a year, let alone throughout your career. Being a pilot gives you the freedom to travel, allowing you to explore different places, people and cultures - making it both an educational and enjoyable experience.

With all the different routes that pilots travel, every working day means taking off in one country only to land in another - potentially to a country you haven’t explored yet. Depending on your route and schedule, you can end up staying overnight or even longer, giving you the chance to enjoy your new surroundings.
Because travelling from country to country can seem potentially rigid and demanding, many are surprised that a career in aviation can offer such flexibility. Generally, a career as a pilot can be more flexible than positions within other industries, meaning that choosing careers in aviation doesn't have to come at the sacrifice of personal or family life. Particularly as a part-time pilot, flexibility comes easily, offering the work-life balance that many are looking for - and allowing you to have the lifestyle that best fits you.
The salary
Though the cost of a pilot license, as well as the cost for flight school, may seem steep, high average wages for pilots tend to make the profession more appealing. According to various sources, such as Indeed and the British Airline Pilots Association, the starting salary for a pilot tends to be around £31,929, progressing to an average of £77,500 - with the high-end salaries approach £140,000. While it can take a while to advance in your career as a pilot, when you do rise in the ranks, the salary is more than enough to make a comfortable living.
With so many flights departing airports every single day, no two flights are ever the same - even when you’re a pilot. Each day can bring a new challenge, which not only keeps things exciting but also encourages you to become a better pilot.
Other perks
Whether it’s for travel or work, as a pilot, it’s more than likely that you’ll be flying for free. On top of this, many commercial airlines also offer a buddy system, or something similar, which allows you to select a number of friends and family that can take advantage of your exciting career. Some airlines may ask friends and family to pay charges and taxes, but this is likely to be the extent of what your loved ones will have to pay - in some cases, you can even upgrade to business or first class.

Does being a pilot sound like the career for you, and are you ready to take to the skies with flight school?

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