Women in Aviation - Kate Hood

by Kate Hood on Mar 09 2019
My name is Kate and I am a Software Engineer at L3 in Crawley.

When I was in school, I had no idea what I wanted to do as a career. I did well in all of my subjects, but excelled at Maths and Physics. When it came to the end of school and choosing a career path, I was inspired by a school excursion I had taken to visit the Brisbane Gateway Bridge and the oil Refinery. The realisation that I could contribute to large, complex projects that would create amazing constructions and exciting innovations was inspiring. I put my name down for an Engineering degree straight away.

The first year of my Engineering degree was a generic year, so I was able to learn about different types of engineering, such as Civil, Mining, Mechanical, Chemical and Electrical. I found all of these subject quite interesting but chose to specialise in Electrical Engineering. During this course, I remember one of my friends saying the main point of an engineering degree was learning how to problem-solve and I think that is when I knew I had chosen the right field.

Now I have been working at L3 for 20 months and I am constantly learning new things and developing new skills. My role focuses on developing software solutions for the Environment and Instructor Operating System software for Full Flight Simulators. It is exciting and satisfying to know my work is part of an incredible device that can simulate a real aircraft and is used by pilots all around the globe for their training.

When I go to work, I do not think of myself as a female engineer, I think of myself as an engineer. As an engineer, we all have different traits and qualities we bring to the table and I believe that is down to the individual. The aspects of my job at L3 I enjoy the most are the constant learning and problem-solving, along with the people I work with.

L3 is a very supportive employer and I have been able to successfully balance my work-life alongside my home-life with young children. L3 has provided me with a great opportunity and career path.

A final piece of advice I have for anyone venturing into engineering is make sure you speak up for yourself and find an area to work in you are passionate about.