Talented engineers are at the heart of what we do, and we are looking for the bold and bright.

At L3 Commercial Aviation we exist to make air travel safer and more efficient via our passion and commitment to creating a market-leading product in our Full Flight Simulator. Innovation is in our DNA and everyone here is driven by the exciting journey within an extraordinary team of people that are exposed to new challenges every day.

A career at L3 will set you apart from the rest. Joining our team means working alongside and learning from leaders in the industry. We work in a dedicated, dynamic, ever evolving business on a wide range of technologies and platforms at our state of the art facility, developing market leading Full Flight Simulators.

Talented engineers are at the heart of what we do, and we are looking for the bold and bright. We need engineers who are passionate about what we do and who want to work in a fast paced environment. If you have an inquisitive mind and can operate in an environment that provides autonomy and continued learning, L3 is for you.

Meet our engineers

Amelia Reed - Team Leader of Electrical and Configuration Engineering

"Hi, I’m Amelia and I am the Team Leader for Electrical and Configuration Engineering at L3 here in Crawley. Ever since I was an early teenager I knew that I wanted to do something technical as a career. With that in mind, an apprenticeship was the perfect route for me to start my professional life as it enabled me to become an engineer by learning skills whilst on the job.

I have progressed within the company over the last 19 years and never looked back. I’ve worked my way up to my current position as Team Leader, managing a team of 15 people - which is challenging yet rewarding and what I have wanted to do for a number of years. Throughout my time with L3 I have rotated around different departments, allowing me to see how other teams and individuals operated, and how each department impacts the overall business.

I love my job, and some things that I enjoy the most about my role include the fast paced environment of the business – two days are never the same! I enjoy resolving urgent problems, and I work with some truly great people across the company. The company is supportive of any progression that you endeavour, and the product itself is something that I am passionate about. We are given the opportunity to be innovative with the product and processes, which is really rewarding. Seeing the Full Flight Simulators (FFS) moving in operation is something that I never get tired of – especially knowing that I play an important role in keeping them operational."

Andy Brough - Manager, Software Engineering

At L3 you don't just write code, you see it come to life.

Andy Brough - Manager, Software Engineering
Marc Pearce - Staff Engineer (Journey through Engineering)

"Hi, my name is Marc, and I work in the Electrical and Configuration department as a Hardware Release Manager for A320 and A330 Full Flight Simulators. I have always enjoyed designing and building just about everything, and was determined to pursue an engineering apprenticeship as soon as I finished school. Having seen the Flight Simulators here at L3, I knew that this was the company, and the product that I wanted to work on; nothing else could compare!

My apprenticeship taught me many valuable skills, but also gave me the opportunity to travel the world, meeting new customers and learning new cultures. Throughout this time, I moved through higher education, where I completed a HND in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Having achieved the HND, I wanted to learn more, and pursued a Bachelor’s Degree. The company sponsored me through university, where I was able to use this opportunity to develop new systems and processes to be used in my day to day role. I achieved a BSc with Honours in Engineering and Management Studies.

I joined L3 14 years ago as an apprentice, and within these last 5 years I have progressed to a senior position, with a fulfilling job managing the A320 and A330 engineering design. My role requires a lot of communication and close working with other departments, ensuring that we are able deliver the best products to our customers. But, what is most rewarding, is that in this role I am able to be creative, innovative and able to influence the direction that our products go in."

William Beaver - Undergraduate Placement, Hardware Engineering

My placement has allowed me to apply the technical skills learnt at university to exciting projects L3 has to offer. I have gained invaluable experience in a progressive engineering environment.

William Beaver - Undergraduate Placement, Hardware Engineering
Stephen Wolff - Principal Engineer

"My journey into engineering began at school, when I realised that I enjoyed design and technology classes. From this, I decided to pursue an engineering degree at University. As a musician, I also had a keen interest in audio and so I enrolled in a course that was a combination of both engineering and audio technology. During this time, I learnt a range of skills from programming to electronic design to architectural acoustics.

After University, I worked for a mobile phone manufacturer designing and testing audio and acoustic components. One day a recruiter called me and asked if I would be interested in designing sound systems for flight simulators. At the time, I knew very little about flight simulation, but it sounded interesting and so I decided to agree on an interview. I was very impressed when I visited and I accepted an offer without hesitation.

Since then, I have worked on numerous projects designing and implementing the sound simulation for all major commercial aircraft types and have become the subject matter expert for sound at L3 CTS. I have had the opportunity to work abroad in a multitude of regions and have visited more than eighteen countries since I started in 2007. The variety of different work from new developments to aftermarket updates makes every day different and there is always a new challenge to push your interest further."