Working in our Operations and Test Group our Apprentices are part of a skilled team of engineers who are responsible for the build and test of our range products including our RealitySeven Full Flight Simulators.

Their training is a mix of academic day release with local training providers and a comprehensive in-house training program which includes rotations around the business.

Why become an Apprentice with L3 Commercial Aviation?

Do you like solving problems?

Do you want to learn how to identify the issue, find a solution and fix it?

Do you want to earn whilst you learn and develop a comprehensive skill set?

L3 apprenticeships can offer you:

  • Comprehensive in-house Training plan that works with your academic study.
  • Paid work with the opportunity to gain valuable practical experience whilst gaining your diploma.
  • A variety of work and learning opportunities.
  • Working in a fast paced technologically advanced environment.
  • Opportunity for international travel.

    Meet our apprentices

  • Bradley Wood- Operations and Test Apprentice

      I started my engineering career at the age of 16 when I began studying level 3 electrical and electronic engineering at East Surrey College. Since I can remember I always had a passion for engineering and science. L3Harris has certainly enabled me to reach my goals and allowed me to set new targets along the way. Not only does undertaking an apprenticeship provide me with valuable job experience but it allows me to receive a Higher National Certificate (HNC) in engineering.

      Working at L3Harris has provided me with necessary conditions to grow my knowledge, confidence and career. The Professional Development Scheme (PDS) is great as it allows apprentices like myself and other graduates to reach their potential. The company also offers many benefits such as half-day Fridays, flexible hours and travelling for work.

      In the course of my apprenticeship, I have been involved in several different projects involving Full Flight Simulators and Flight Training Devices. I have learnt a lot while working with the team and continue to learn more every day. I would highly recommend L3Harris’ Professional Development Scheme due to its high standards and great support.

  • Sam Wade- Operations and Test Apprentice

      Having achieved a level 3 Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering I always knew I had a huge passion for engineering and all things hands on. After deciding that university wasn’t for me, I decided to go down an apprenticeship route which suited me much more. It allowed me to get stuck in and learn everything on the job from day one. While browsing the local engineering firms I came across L3Harris and instantly thought that’s a place I’d love to work.

      I have been working with L3Harris for six months now and have been exposed to many opportunities to do new and exciting things. The support network within the workplace and the local college is fantastic! Any questions about any aspect of the role or the course are answered.

      I hope for a very interesting, lifelong career with L3Harris.

  • Taran Carey - Electrical Engineering Apprentice

      I joined L3 as soon as I left school at the age of 16. I have been an employee for six months now, and I have gained a lot of technical knowledge and social skills. L3 is a rapidly developing company, because of this, both apprentices and graduates are given a lot of responsibility; throughout my time at L3, I have been respected and supported without question.

      L3 has helped me gain valuable experience in an engineering based office environment. In the short amount of time I have been here, I have grown exponentially as a person and as an employee, my love for both aviation and engineering has only grown and I see a long future for me in the engineering sector. Currently, I am working on my own project, which has helped me, gain leadership skills and a multitude of other key qualities.

      I am a hands-on learner, so a college course did not really appeal to me, because I would not be able to apply any of the skills I am learning. This is why I was so enticed by an apprenticeship, particularly one at L3, because I could use my creativity in my day-to-day activities. L3 has allowed me to take control and have a professional opinion on all aspects of our products.

  • Luke Jennings - Systems Integration Apprentice

      Being an apprentice with L3 is a privilege that I didn't see coming. I’m 20 years old and, in recent years I had decided university wasn’t a route of interest for me. I completed two A-levels at college and decided to get some experience in full time work, very quickly becoming clear to me that engineering was a career that I wanted to pursue and that I had an interest in. In the short time that I’ve been here, there have been lots of opportunities to meet some of the most knowledgeable and friendly people within the industry. Aviation has been a passion of mine since I was a child, so when the opportunity to become an apprentice in the aviation sector with L3 came about, I grabbed it with both hands!

      I’m now lucky enough to be part of the Systems Integration Team, whilst also studying towards an engineering qualification at East Surrey College. One of the best things about my role is the variation that it offers me and how I’m really treated like a full member of the team. Every day provides a different experience, doing things such as helping on different projects for all different aspects of the computers within a simulator. The career prospects with L3 are something that I’m still really excited about. I have the flexibility to travel with work, and also be based in a state of the art facility, playing a key part in setting up one of our simulators for a customer for example.

  • Adam Pardoe - Hardware Test (Electrical Engineering Apprentice)

      At college I undertook a aeronautical engineering BTEC which drove me to look for jobs and apprenticeships in the aerospace industry. I have always been interested in engineering and science, so it’s exciting to work for a company as innovative as L3.

      Here, we are committed to delivering nothing but the highest quality product, and also to fulfil our own potential. We do this through a Personal Development Scheme that constantly challenges and forces us to improve. I have only worked for L3 for a year, but the difference between myself now and then is a stark contrast. I am more resilient, more confident, and my knowledge of electronics and hydraulic systems has increased exponentially.

      In the course of my duties as a Hardware test engineer I have worked on many projects; from our Aircraft Module Only Build (AMOB), to our new Flat Panel Trainer (FPT) design that reached such a high level of certification for a fixed base simulator that an entirely new level of classification had to be invented for it!

      Sometimes it can be a daunting task to commission a simulator when you think about the sheer number of man-hours that will be sunk into it, but the support offered from everyone in every department is unprecedented; it feels more like a family than a business.

  • Joe Peters - Production Apprentice

      I am 17 years old and currently a second year Technical Apprentice at L3 CTS moving towards my NVQ qualification in mechanical/electrical engineering. This qualification will enable me to be a production/test engineer in the future. I am also a qualified first aider and fire marshal, which gives me a huge responsibility in the company, and has helped me grow as a person and employee.

      I am a member of the IET, which will help guide me into a pathway which I will most likely end up taking towards the end of my apprenticeship. I am incredibly privileged to be offered an apprenticeship just after I left school at 16, it made me believe in myself more and see the possibilities open up for me by securing an apprenticeship with such an incredible company.

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