We offer both three month and Year-in Industry Placement opportunities in a variety of departments around the business including Engineering, Marketing, Business Capture and Program Management.

    Our placement students

  • Emily Tindall - Undergraduate Placement Student (Marketing 2019-20)

      Two months into an L3Harris marketing placement

      For me, starting out in a new environment will always be a nerve-racking and unpredictable experience, but fortunately at L3Harris the transition to work life has been a particularly smooth transition due to the supportive and professional environment.

      Just before starting my work placement, I was finishing my second year exams at the University of Leeds where I’m studying joint honours English and Classical Literature. I have always been interested in exploring a career in marketing, therefore this marketing placement is extremely valuable to me in terms of transferring my skills and gaining experience in a professional environment. As someone almost entirely inexperienced in the industry, I was anxious that my lack of experience would hinder my ability to fulfil the requirements of the job, however all of these fears where immediately dispelled as soon as I arrived at the site for my first day.

      All of the staff at L3Harris where extremely welcoming to me and understanding that I was new to the aviation industry, so constantly encouraged me to ask questions and actively take part in discussions. I feel that placement students based at L3Harris are at an advantage as the company runs a professional development scheme, which aims to support placement students, graduates and apprentices, ensuring you gain the most experience possible during your time here. You are also provided with a mentor from a different department, whose role is to guide you to reach your goals and act as an impartial. For me, this attention to detail made me feel incredibly supported and comfortable in my new role, and is the type of support system that really sets them apart from other companies.

      I am now two months into my placement and have already learnt so much in such a short space of time. One of my main personal targets for the placement year is to develop my writing skills in a professional environment, and I have already been given lots of opportunities to do this. I have also begun to distinguish the correct way of writing to different audiences, whether it be B2B or B2C, which to me is an extremely valuable skill for the future. The great thing about this role is the freedom to explore the specific areas of marketing you are especially interested in, and the team is supportive and eager to get me involved in these areas as much as possible. For me, during my placement I want to be exposed to all marketing disciplines, and I’ve already taken on key roles in events, PR, social media and content creation, just to name a few.

      Over the past two months I have been involved in and experienced some really exciting and momentous events for the company, including the L3 and Harris merger as well as supporting the Grand Opening of the London Training Center where Prince Charles officially opened the new facility. It’s moments like these that make me really excited to see what is to come in the remainder of my time at L3Harris. Looking forward, I hope to continue improving my personal and professional skills and take on even more responsibilities, so that when I return to university next year I will be a more accomplished and professional individual.

  • Francesca Dabrowski - 3 month placement (Engineering, 2019)

      My name is Francesca Dabrowski and I am currently working at L3Harris as part of a three month work placement, having recently finished the third year of my integrated Physics Masters at the University of Sussex.

      I am returning to L3Harris in Crawley for the third time, having undertaken work experience with L3Harris’ engineering teams since my A-Levels. This year my work is focused in the Systems Integration Group (SIG), which is widely different from my previous L3Harris work experience in software. So far my experiences at L3Harris have given me invaluable experience within the aviation industry and has helped me hugely to develop skills in problem solving, organisation and teamwork, to name just a few.

      During my first placement I was exposed to both SIG based work and software coding. I was given the opportunity to work closely with a senior engineer whilst he completed the in-plant acceptance for an A330 Full Flight Simulator, which is the process of a customer working at L3Harris for four to six weeks to run checks on the product. As a part of this process I worked with a range of engineers from a variety of different teams (both software and hardware) to ensure that the work they produced would complement with each other and ensure that the product would be of the highest standard.

      In 2018, my three month placement was focused on a slightly different area, in that it was heavily focused on coding software for the Full Flight Simulators. Initially I was worried that I wouldn’t have the technical ability to complete these tasks, but I was quickly reassured, as the team was hugely supportive and understanding in everything I did. My team leader and all of the other engineers encouraged me to ask as many questions as possible, and I soon became comfortable and confident within the role. As a part of the placement scheme, the team leader regularly booked meetings with me to track my progress, set goals and to discuss what work I wanted to get involved in. I would definitely say that I gained a huge amount of knowledge despite only being at L3Harris for short periods of time, and this has meant that returning this summer has been a very enjoyable and easy transition.

      The easiest way to distinguish between my first three month placement and my current one, is that before, my work was much more software based and in depth, whereas now I have had the opportunity to work on a broader scale with program management and a variety of departments and people. Through doing this, I have learnt that I like varied opportunities and would like to work in a project management and SIG role. I have definitely been inspired by the people who work in SIG, and am now striving to make this dream become a reality. By having a clearer idea of what I want to do in the future, I am able to further tailor my university modules so that they apply more to my future, as well as making the work experience more enjoyable for me. I have chosen more modules in applied maths and physics (rather than pure theory), as well as modules in programs which I know are heavily used in companies, for example I have picked a module in C++, as I know this will be an invaluable skill after university.

      Once I have completed this summer placement, I am going to go back to university to complete my masters. However I am eager to come back to L3Harris after my studies have finished. From my time here, I have become increasingly passionate and interested in the aviation industry, which was something I didn’t know much about prior to working here. I am particularly interested in joining the L3Harris engineering graduate scheme, after gaining advice from my co-workers and people who have done the scheme themselves. From the graduate scheme I am hoping to get the opportunity to travel and meet some of our customers face to face, as my colleagues frequently have the chance to go to China, Japan, Singapore and America, amongst others. Ultimately L3Harris has provided me with invaluable experience and life skills which I will certainly carry with me throughout the rest of my life.

  • Issy Watson - Work Experience (HR, Business Capture, Marketing, 2019)

      Hi my name is Issy and I am just finishing at L3Harris after completing a short summer placement with the company.

      After finishing my first year at University of Kent in Canterbury studying Business Management, I decided I wanted to gain experience working in different departments across a corporation before applying for my placement job during my year in industry at university.

      While working at L3Harris, I’ve spent time working in HR, Business Capture and Marketing. Each department and their dynamics have been so different and it has been very interesting seeing the tasks that they do and all the different aspects which are required to keep the business moving. With university being very theoretical, putting learning into practice has been really beneficial.

      Each department has given me the opportunity to complete work, attend meetings, even with some of the company’s customers, and be shown and taught the background to the department; for example, the specialised systems they use in HR, the processes used in Business Capture and the methods and platforms used for Marketing.

      Everyone has been very welcoming and helpful, encouraging me to ask questions and explaining recent events which have happened within the department so I was aware as to what is going on. This has made my L3Harris experience much more enjoyable as I feel I am more a part of the company rather than just a temporary employee.

      While on my placement, a merger within the company occurred meaning L3 became L3Harris. Alongside this there was a grand opening in which HRH Prince Charles attended to officially open the new London Training Center – something I wasn’t expecting when I applied for my placement!

      Working at L3Harris has taught me so much about the commercial world in such a short space of time, giving me valuable information which I can take forward with me into my placement year at university and then further into my future career. Anyone who’s wondering whether to apply for a summer placement to gain experience, I’d say, go for it!

  • Robyn Lacey - Undergraduate Placement Student (Marketing, 2018-19)

      My name is Robyn Lacey and I’m just over a month into my undergraduate marketing placement at L3. I’m originally from West Sussex but for the last two years I have been studying Business and Management at Bath Spa University.

      As my course covers a wider spectrum of business, I only broadly studied marketing within my second year of study. Because of this, one of my biggest worries was that this would hinder my ability to understand the job and that I wouldn’t be able to complete tasks to the required standard. However, the team were very welcoming and constantly encourage me to ask questions which made me feel a lot more comfortable and I soon realised this would not be an issue.

      A big part of my job is managing the social media channels for both B2C and B2B where I help to create the content, post it, and respond to the enquiries. I’m also enjoying being involved in other digital marketing tasks such as compiling emails, editing and posting content on our website through the CMS, and creating events through Eventbrite. I am particularly interested in getting involved with the events side of marketing and I am looking forward to helping out on the upcoming Future Pilots event we are holding here in Crawley.

      Something I really like about the role is that I am given the opportunity to dip my toes into all the different areas of marketing and can get involved in all sorts of projects with all members of the team. L3 is a really collaborative company with all departments crossing over and working together. My ideas and opinions are listened to and I really feel like an equal part of the team.

      In my first week I thought I would never understand the aviation industry and felt really out of my depth, but even a month in I feel like I’ve learnt so much and had a lot of support that I am able to answer the questions I was previously asking.

      Although I’m disappointed I won’t be returning to University this year with most of my friends, I can already see how valuable and enjoyable the year ahead is going to be.

  • Alex Smith - Industrial Student Placement (Business Capture, 2017-18)

      My name is Alex Smith and I am currently enrolled at Bournemouth University studying Business Studies. Currently on a year’s industrial placement; I work within market solutions located in the business capture team.

      After finding this role on a placement careers site, and after speaking to a friend in the industry, I was informed that L3 is a great company to work for and I should go for it! My research and personal experience at the interview only further corroborated my initial feeling, and the last two months have consolidated fully that L3 is a good employer, with a strong drive for success.

      Having studied for two years prior to my role at L3, I have a good understanding of different industry styles and theories. To be able to compare what I’ve learnt at Bournemouth, with real life business practices has been invaluable to my professional development. Having been here for nearly two months, I have worked on a variety of different things in various areas of the business. So far, I have most enjoyed getting involved with the bid process, and personally handling bids allowing me to quickly gain an understanding of the process. I am thoroughly enjoying what I am doing with the content of my days being so varied, I feel a large growth of both my technical and operational knowledge.

      After my placement has finished I will return to Bournemouth to complete my degree, with potentially a further academic year to study and achieve a masters in a business related subject. Post-university, I will be searching for a graduate scheme where I can continue my career. After learning L3’s vision, the type of company it is and what it has to offer to an individual in my position, I hope that the relationship between L3 and I will exceed the 12 month placement.

  • Olivia Howlett - Undergraduate Placement Student (Marketing, 2017-18)

      My name is Olivia Howlett and I am two months in to my industrial marketing placement at L3 CTS in Crawley. Originally I am from Suffolk but am currently taking a year out from my real home – Newcastle University, where I study BSc Marketing.

      Although I am gutted that I won’t be graduating with a lot of my friends this year, I have been surrounded with a really great team who have made me feel very welcome, so actually I don’t mind so much! Being the first marketing placement student that L3 CTS have had means I’ve had the ability to tailor my placement to my interests – from getting involved with Press Releases to helping quantify the ROI of events to social community management.

      Aside from these projects the marketing team set me I have been heavily involved in digital marketing. I’ve created the first drafts for our monthly social calendars, I love seeing people react to the content that I’ve helped create. However, my favourite project so far has been helping set up our monthly guest blog on the L3 Airline Academy website, although I may be only an intermediary, I am helping our current cadets communicate with potentially future cadets! Using google analytics I’ve worked out how to see if people head over to our course sign up pages directly after having read a blog!

      Although I really enjoy B2C marketing, I am really lucky to still be involved in our B2B marketing too. I don’t think there’s many placement students that can say they get to market products on a global worth millions and millions of pounds – especially not ones as cool as our Full Flight Simulators!

      L3 CTS definitely have a pro-graduate culture, I’ve sat in talks from the future CEO of our parent company – L3 Technologies, and listened to him say that we need to recruit more from universities as even though graduates are less experienced, they are also fresh thinkers. A lot of my ideas have been listened to and everyone is prepared to go above and beyond to make the best ones happen. Innovation really excites me and L3 as a whole, so watch this (aero)space!

      From speaking to my colleagues, once you get into the aviation industry people don’t really leave. Not because they can’t, but because they don’t want to – and I’ve definitely caught the bug. If you’d have asked me where I expected to be working after I graduate, I don’t think I would have ever said the aerospace sector, but this is where it’s happening at the moment! So hopefully, once I finish my placement year, I’ll be back very soon.

  • Angus Watson - 3 month placement (Electrical Engineering, 2017)

      I have just started my third and final year of a BEng honours degree course in Electronic and Communications Engineering at the University of Kent in Canterbury. I had spent the summer at L3 Commercial Training Solutions in the Electrical Engineering Department in Crawley gaining invaluable experience in an industrial workplace. Having spent several weeks in the Test Department the previous summer, helping to commission full flight simulators, this was a great opportunity to understand the design process and use the tools in creating the designs.

      During the first week of my placement, I was given training in the Capital electrical design CAD tool. I was then allocated to a senior engineer who was working on the electrical design for a major simulator upgrade in the field. The tasks he gave me included the packaging and wiring of electro-mechanical assemblies and cable design. I also spent some time on the shop floor where the cockpit modules are commissioned supporting one of the other electrical design engineers. Finally, I was given an insight into the PCB design tool L3 use and conducted an analysis of the usage of certain PCBs to help determine the best way to overcome some obsolescence problems.

      The Team Leader for the Electrical Engineering Department met with me regularly to check my progress and to make sure that I was aware of the of the various processes used in the department and how work is managed. For example, I was given a specific work package, together with a budget. Even though I was on a short term placement, I was included in the Professional Development Scheme meetings for graduates and apprentices. This, along with all of the experience I gained, has given much more meaning to my degree course, helping me to appreciate how the theoretical work I am being taught can be applied in the workplace.

      I am very grateful to L3 CTS for this opportunity and would like to thank all of the people I worked with who were all very supportive and happy to take time to explain all that I needed to know.

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