Flight Instructor vacancies

A320/B737 Instructor - Fort Worth, TX

L3 is seeking experienced Ground School and Simulator instructors, part time contractors, who will be providing the highest quality of instruction to flight crews receiving 14 CFR 142 Training. This position is responsible for the conduct and standardized flight training of Candidates enrolled in L3 training programs.

Primary duties and responsibilities:

  • Maintain the highest quality of flight training instruction to ensure applicant success.
  • Conduct ground, flight, and other training as assigned
  • Complete all training records accurately and in timely manner.
  • Communicate with other instructors as needed on student progress
  • Communicate with Director of Training and Chief Instructor as needed on Candidate progress
  • Maintain qualifications on assigned equipment
  • Maintain the flight training standards as outlined by L3 14 CFR 142 programs
  • Maintain competency and qualification on the assigned equipment(s).

Education, prior work experience, and specialized skill and knowledge:

  • Technical Requirements: ATPL license or similar experience
  • Type rating on any of A320 / B737
  • Aviation Instructor experience (preferred) and 3 year airline experience.
  • Ability to work in a team environment and support cultural diversity.
  • Must be knowledgeable with programs such as Excel, Word, Power Point, and Adobe.
  • Must have a high level of both written and verbal communication skills.
  • Customer service oriented.

Physical environment/working conditions:
Office and Flight Simulator environments. May have some medium lifting required up to 20 kgs. May require prolonged periods of sitting, standing walking, bending and stooping.

Equipment/machinery used:
General office equipment, computers, servers, copiers, telephones and audiovisual equipment, flight simulator, flight training devices.

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Application deadline: Jul 31 2019






Airline Academy
Job Type
Flight Instructor
United States, Texas
Start date(s)
March, 03.09.2018
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