A&P Maintenance Technician - Sanford, US

A&P Maintenance Technician - US

Role: A & P Maintenance Technician

Full/part time: Full time

L3 Airline Academy is now hiring a hard working and motivated A&P Mechanic to work on our fleet of piston-engine airplanes in our Sanford, FL location.

Basic function: To provide a safe, reliable and airworthy fleet of aircraft for flight instruction.

Reports to: Maintenance Mangers or Shop/Line Lead

Required Experience: A&P 1 year


1. Must hold current FAA Mechanic Certificate with both Airframe and Powerplant ratings.
2. Knowledge and understanding of the Federal Aviation Regulations.
3. Must own or acquire at least the tools on the Minimum Tool List

Duties & responsibilities:

1. Perform aircraft maintenance on academy fleet to enable them to meet or exceed airworthiness standards.
2. Perform the above efficiently and effectively enough to meet the academy's flight schedule.
3. Complete and document all stages of his or her individual training syllabus.
4. Ensure consistent, accurate aircraft maintenance by properly completing turnover entries on unfinished maintenance in the turnover log.
5. Follow all Maintenance Department Policies and Procedures.
6. Keep a clean and orderly work environment.
7. Make recommendations to improve functions within the Maintenance Department.
8. Perform other duties as assigned by Lead, Maintenance Managers, or the Director of Maintenance.

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Application deadline: Jan 31 2019






Airline Academy
Job Type
Maintenance Technician
Start date(s)
March, 03.01.2019
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