L3Harris is one of the world’s largest provider of flight data analysis services

Improving aviation safety by connecting the best analysis service to more flight data across the world.

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Flight Data Analysis

We support operators of all types, to maximize operation efficiency and reduce risk with innovative Flight Data Monitoring (FDM) and Flight Operations Quality Assurance (FOQA) services. Through flight analytics, we enable informed data-driven decision-making for airlines, helicopter and business jet operators. In collaboration with IATA, customers can benchmark their operations to validate their operational safety against a global database.

Secure, scalable web-based platform for fast, available data access

The innovative, user-friendly, web-based platform is the most advanced of its kind. Secure yet accessible anytime, anywhere, its fully automated data transfer enables the fastest processing and information delivery on the market.

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  • Identify significant unsafe events and take appropriate action
  • Perform trend analysis to highlight safety issues
  • Benchmark against the aviation industry
  • Focus training in specific areas (evidence-based training)
  • Minimize Aircraft on Ground (AOG) time
  • Enhance maintenance trending and diagnosis
  • Dedicated 24/7 analyst support
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Advanced analytics supports actionable insights from large data sets

Making sense of vast, disparate amounts of data is a core function of the advanced flight data analysis tool. Accurate information is generated in formats that can be visualized. This allows decisions to be made quickly, based on facts.

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Unique benchmarking capabilities

With over 16 million flights on the database, a knowledge pool of historical data provides a platform for the only safety benchmarking service in the world.

Created around this information universe, de-identified comparative statistics show your performance in relation to other customers or internally between fleets. It provides senior management with invaluable information on safety-specific issues and significantly aids the decision-making process.

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Flight Safety Support Officer

Expert analysis and investigation that releases your pilots from the office and allows your safety officer to focus on safety.

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