Airline Academy (EASA pilot training)

  • 1. Can I apply for the BSc (Hons) Professional Pilot Practice on its own?

      No, this Degree with Middlesex University runs alongside one of our Integrated Programs

  • 2. What educational requirements are required to apply?

      For many of our programs the minimum educational requirements would be for the applicant to hold a minimum of 5 GCSEs (or high school equivalents) at grade C or above, including maths, science and English language. Airline partnered routes may also require further qualifications, for example A-Levels (excluding General Studies and Critical Thinking) or a degree graded 2:2 or above. (the acceptance of an equivalent will be at the Airlines discretion)

  • 3. What A-Levels should I take?

      We are not able to recommend specific subjects but would encourage candidates to choose subjects they enjoy to ensure they meet the minimum level or above.

  • 4. Will you accept BTEC instead of A-Levels?

      The acceptance of an equivalent qualification will be at the Airlines discretion.

  • 5. When will any closed airline programs open for applications?

      Airlines open and close their application windows at their discretion so unfortunately we would not be able to advise when they may next be open for new applications.

  • 6. When is your next Career Event?

      All events will be announced via our website. Dates and locations will not be released until approximately 4 to 6 weeks prior to each event date. Tickets are free of charge and you will be able to register by following this link - http://www.l3commercialaviation.com/events/

  • 7. When should I put in an application for my chosen program?

      We would suggest to all applicants to make an application once they are in a position to commence training within 6 months of the application date.

  • 8. How can I finance the training?

      All of our training programs are self-funded by way of either savings or a loan secured typically against a UK property. We ourselves are not able to offer any financial advice however, we would suggest that potential candidates speak with their families and a variety of banks, lenders and independent financial advisers who will be best placed to discuss the products that may be available. We have also provided a suggestion of a lender on our website: Optimum Credit Finance.

      Further information on EASA pilot training funding and finance can be found by following this link - https://www.l3commercialaviation.com/airline-academy/easa-pilot-training/easa-funding-and-finance/

  • 9. I have a medical condition will this stop me from getting a class 1 medical?

      Unfortunately we are not in a position to make comment on anything relating to medicals apart from you will be required to obtain an unrestricted class 1 medical to commence training with L3 Airline Academy.

      Please contact the issuing authority for further information regarding medicals, in the case of the UK the CAA should be able to assist.

  • 10. Please can you explain about Training Standard?

      To find out more about our 'Training Standard' please visit our EASA Finance and Funding section.

  • 11. Please can you explain about the Training Security Bond?

      Some courses are eligible for our Training Security Bond solution. In simple terms, this is a fee of £69,000 which is deposited with Airline Placement Limited (APL), a wholly owned subsidiary company of L3 CTS it must not be mistaken as a payment for training. This money is deposited with APL as security for your continued participation in the training and APL will provide a training sponsorship to you for aspects of the basic and intermediate phases of training. APL will seek placement opportunities for you with our airline partners and provide you with access to our graduate placement services. The Training Security Bond solution may then be repaid to you over a period of 7 to 9 years once fully employed by an Airline Partner. Please note not all airlines participate with the Security Bond repayments.

  • 12. In preparation of the Assessment Day should I pay for Aptitude Software?

      We cannot recommend or endorse any Aptitude Software however we can suggest researching CUT-e as this is the company we use for our Aptitude testing.

  • 13. Is Type Rating included in the Integrated ATPL training program?

      No, this phase of training cost is additional to the cost of the Integrated ATPL program. We suggest to factor in £30,000 for the Type Rating, this would be the upper amount required, and some Airlines may contribute towards the cost or potentially bond you for a period of time.

  • 14. I already hold a PPL, can I apply for an Integrated training program?

      Holders of a PPL can apply for our Integrated training programs however it is not a prerequisite and you will be required to sit all areas of the training and pay full price.

  • 15. What locations do you offer for training?

      Locations for our ATPL Theory training can be either Coventry or Southampton. The flight training is currently taking place in either UK - Bournemouth, New Zealand – Hamilton, Europe – Portugal and UAE – Al Ain although we as a company are always looking at alternative locations so you are encouraged to remain flexible as you are not able to preference your training locations.

  • 16. If I am offered a place on an Airline program am I guaranteed a job at the end of training?

      You are not guaranteed a job however with an Airline program before commencement of training you will be given a conditional offer of employment outlining the standard of your performance which must be met through your training for you to go into employment with the Airline.

  • 17. If I hold a passport outside of the UK or Europe can I still apply to your program?

      Many of our training programs require the applicant to hold the unrestricted right to live and work in the European Economic Area through citizenship of a European country, this right is not something you can gain through a visa it is often gained through EU citizenship or nationality. The unrestricted right to live and work in the EEA is not something you can gain through a visa it is often gained through EU citizenship or nationality, for more information on this right to live and work please refer to the UK government website.

  • 18. Do you offer fully funded training?

      All of our training program are self-funded. We announced late last year our L3 Pilot Pathways which is a broader commitment to improving the accessibility of training to aspiring pilots from all backgrounds. We anticipate initiatives from the L3 Pilot Pathways program to be unveiled throughout 2019. The best way to keep up to date is to register for our newsletter, which will provide all information on upcoming Airline application windows, events and any initiatives that we announce – http://www.l3commercialaviation.com/newsletter/

  • 19. What is the difference between ATPL and MPL?

      The main difference between an MPL and ATPL program is and MPL is an Airline specific qualification, which allows you to operate for a certain Airline whilst the Integrated ATPL is an industry wide qualification, accepted by all Airlines.

  • 20. If I apply for the degree with Middlesex will Student funding pay for my flight training?

      The fees for the Middlesex Degree and our Training programs are separate. If you are incorporating the Middlesex Degree alongside your training over the three-year period £14,930 will be returned by L3 to offset the flight training funding requirements.

  • 21. What age can I apply?

      Many of our programs ask that the applicant is at least 17 years and 6 months to apply, ready to commence training from 18 years old. The exception to this is our Integrated ATPL program, which you can apply to at 17 years old although it is worth considering that you will have to have turned 18 by commencement of training and your results from assessment are only valid for 12 months.

  • 22. I am very interested in attending your next Career Event, however I am not yet 15 years of age, are there any other Events that I can attend?

      We would suggest that you attend one of the industry events such as Pilot Careers Live. These events give you the opportunity to speak with trainees who are currently in training and some that have graduated and have gone on to work for our partner airlines. These events are not run by L3 so you would need to use the link below to find further information - https://www.pilotcareernews.com/live/

  • 23. How long are my Assessment results valid for?

      12 months from the date of your assessment event.

  • 24. Can you recommend any insurance companies for me to use?

      We cannot make any recommendations but we can provide names of companies that our trainees have previously used for their insurance requirements which you may wish to research.

      Finch Group: Loss of Training Expenses, Loss of Life Insurance, Travel Insurance / Hiscox Global Flying Insurance: Loss of Training Expenses / BALPA Financial Solutions Insurance: Loss of Training Expenses, Loss of Life Insurance / APPN: Loss of Training Expenses, Loss of Life Insurance /
      SAAM Verspieren Group: Loss of Training Expenses, Loss of Life insurance / Allianz Global Assistance: Travel Insurance

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